Monday, February 24, 2014


I've never been so happy to see a Monday. Since it is it time yet? Time to take them out of their alcohol bath?  Noooo....I'm not getting anything drunk...hehe  It's the sea stars (banded star fish) soaking to take THAT stinky odor away and to keep their natural color. Can't take them out until tonight though and I'm (fingers crossed) hoping that tomorrow brings the sunshine. (so that I can let them dry)

We have been keeping a close EYE on them. No NOSES though, that top has not been open since it was closed. I'm hoping that the smell has been evaporated by the alcohol...really....really....hoping!!!  The Chazman said that it looks like we have a box of baby snakes and I could have SO done without that comment. Now I catch myself looking over that way to make sure nothing is crawling out of THAT box.

I was so excited when I posted yesterday about our awesome gift that I totally forgot to mention that while we were on our way to the beach that we passed a HUGE yard sale. Of course, we just had to stop..hehe

Found these glass containers. The tops are big enough that I think I can turn them into beach sand/shell keepsakes AND put a mermaid ooaks inside with them.  
 Artificial snow. read right. I think it looks like scales...mermaid scales.
 Did a little experiment...nail polish...faux snow...ooaks.

Dang old camera!! It's so hard to get really good shots some days but here is how the snow scales look. What do you think? I won't use it for all my mermaids but I think using it for some will be good. 

Now...I have a special order for a shell necklace so it's off I go. So happy that YOU stopped by to visit. I hope you'll be coming back and often. 

Until next time............Hugs,

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