Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have you had your Vitamins today?

A good friend of mine didn't realize it but yesterday while posting images to facebook, she became my muse for a short time. She is one that is always posting  things that make me smile, giggle (and spit coffee all over my computer screen. Thank you very much Diana Rohe), think and ponder. The one that got my creative juices flowing was this one:

I love our peace of the beach and no, I didn't spell peace wrong because it isn't just a "piece" of beach. If you stop and listen then it does bring peace....peace of mind. Now I know looking at this that you probably thought you knew me well enough to think all the things that might have popped into my whimsical imagination. Mermaids, sea horses and any creature of the deep but that's not what got to me. It was the words "Vitamin Sea". Here's what I saw:

An old apothecary jar filled with sand and shells. Broken shells and whole shells.....all the way down to teeny, tiny shells. On the back of the tag the directions which read:

Vitamin Sea
Take Daily

Breathe in the salt air
Listen to the waves washing ashore
Let them both heal, soothe and restore.

So.....have YOU had your Vitamin today? 


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  1. I love this. I miss the ocean! I'll have to make one of these next time I visit the beach.