Thursday, February 13, 2014

l'amour est dans l'air (Love is in the air)

Happy Thursday and welcome to my whimsical world under the old Southern ooaks tree. I hope that you will wander throughout to see just what I'm all about...hehe  (WARNING: I truly am a whimsy at heart and it shows)

L'amour est dans l'air......Love is in the air!! Well....I hope for all of us it's in the air all the time but that one day where it truly is all around us is almost upon us. Valentines Day!!

This cute card can be found at the Graphics Fairy

As those that visit here often, it's already known that I LOVE to decorate for any and all holidays. I say it's because of the kiddo but in reality....I will always decorate even when the Chazman is grown and out on his own. Of course, I'm sure I will have to remake my decorations because he has already informed me that HE is taking them ALL with him...hehe  (makes this heart feel so good that he loves them that much)

I didn't go overboard with Valentines decorations this year. If you remember, last year I decorated our Christmas tree I had left up....hehe......for Valentines and Mardi Gras. I didn't keep the big tree up this year and all my cute cards I made to go on the tree were given away last year. I did want to let my mister and my Chazman know that I love them both so I made a cute banner to remind them.

Simple and cute and YOU could make one too. If you are one of those "crafty" people (saying that in the good sense people..hehe) then I bet you have everything you need to make one. Here's what you'll need:

Digital image sheet music
Digital image word "LOVE"
Fringe yarn, ribbon or twine
Red glitter gel pen
German glass
Fingernail polish (yes, you read that right)

My digital images for this project came from Free Vintage Digital Stamps

You probably can make this much easier than this old gal did but I am one of limited means. (which means the mister allows me a very small craft budget....mean old man) Here's what I did. I printed off the images using brown cardstock for the music hearts and then cut them out. Brown because it reminds me of chocolate AND it was the only color of cardstock I  had. I printed the word LOVE out on regular white paper, cut the letters out and then colored some of it with my red glitter gel pen. Glued the letters to the hearts, then poked holes in the hearts to run my fringe yarn through.

Once I had the hearts on the yarn I layed it out to look at it and decided it needed just a little "Umph". Ya know what the word "Umph" is meaning here, ri iight? Glitter or them both. For this project I decided to use some of my german glass. This is where the finger nail polish comes in....crazy I know but works. Just brush the polish on and then sprinkle some of the glass on. The polish makes it stick and seals it at the same time. 

It's so hard to get a good pic of the german glass but it does make the letters look vintage and pretty.

I let it sit for about 5 minutes and then hung it up on the mantle. Simple and cute!! It's not much but it says a lot to the mister and the Chazman. That I LOVE them. They know that already because I tell them that every single day but HEY....I got to decorate for a holiday!!

Did you notice the little heart flowers sitting on the mantle? Those are really easy to make too. A clothespin and some of those little glitter hearts you can get from the craft stores or the Dollar Tree. Just glue them on the top of the clothespin and you have a cute heart thingie...hehe

I hope that YOU have a wonderful day today and that tomorrow (Valentine Day) brings you chocolate!!!

Ohhhh, I found these at Free Vintage Digital stamps too and just had to share. I mean they are beach themed cards. I love anything BEACHY!!!! Hmmmmmm, wonder why? 

Until next time..............keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes,



  1. Your banner looks cute. I haven't decorated for Valentine's Day, but we might today if we go stir crazy. Me and the three kiddos are snowed in under at least a foot of snow right now. Stopping by from #SITSblogging. Have a great day!

  2. Happy Valentines Day! I love that you decorate just because you enjoy it. Adore the "Because I'm No Crab..." Vday card. Just gorgeous.

  3. I really love those vintage cards. Thanks for sharing them. I'm always having trouble finding some. Visiting from Sitsgirls.


  4. This is so super cute! I will definitely be trying something very similar :) I love the vintage look!

  5. I love all things vintage! What a fun idea!