Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Windsday....ummmm...I mean Wednesday ^_^

Oh's a bit windy here today but that's a good thing as I'm sitting here watching the branches swish this way and that. The old oak trees that surround me are seeming to be whispering for me to come out and dance. Of course I have to decline (today) as I have a very impatient muse wanting me to start listening to her and begin sculpting. Bossy lil thing she is...hehe!!!

Sitting on my desk in a oyster shell are some shells that I do believe are my most favorite of all. Yes, yes I think all shells hold their beauty but these....OH THESE....always, always call to my mermaid soul and they are so so pretty. What shell am I talking about? The Auger shell.

See.....I told ya they were pretty shells. Do they call to you too? Do you see anything other than a auger shell laying in an oyster shell? Look closely.

I see several different things when I look at them. Like a sweet little unicorn frolicking about (the shell being it's magical horn) or perhaps a unicorn seahorse wisping here and there under the deep blue green sea. It could also be a magical torch to light a mermaids way into some of the deep ocean caves or as a friend said she saw....a mermaids magic wand. SEE...I'm not the only one that sees what an object COULD be as well. The very first thing that came to mind with the first one I ever found was that it was a lost tooth of a narwhal. Ohhhhh...narwhals are not mystical creatures but living whales. Ones that could make you think of mystical or even long ago times. No one is really sure what that one long tooth or tusk is really for but some believe it's used as a jousting weapon when the males are courting the females. Doesn't that bring in mind of times long ago? They are also known as the unicorn of the sea...what a beautiful mystical image that brings to mind. I love when we have living creatures that seem like they should only be mystical ones and those are the ones that get my muse a singing!!


Now I think you can figure out just what I might be doing today. (wink wink) Will it be a unicorn, a seahorse unicorn or a narwhal? I guess you will just have to plan a visit back here to find out. Ya know I love my visitors as they become friends in no time. 

Until next time..........keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes!!!


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  1. Whoops, I have missed this one! You've got some good ideas there Ms. Regi. Have you and your muse been nipping at the coffee too much? ;)