Friday, May 16, 2014


What does "Destash" mean? It means to Remove (yarn, fabric, equipment, ect) from one's own personal collection. I think it should add to the end of that SHARE!! (or at least offer)

I told ya'll yesterday that I was going through some of my (whimper whimper) supplies and goodies to make room for some more. CRAZY...yes? Remove some to just bring in more...hehe

I went through some of my shells and section I have set up to make jewelry pieces and thought I would put together a few small necklace kits. They're in my Etsy shop, so if you're interested just POP on over. I even put directions on "How To" make them on the listing too. Very easy!!

Here's what they will look like once put together. Simple but what a great beach theme keepsake. If you order one and would like me to add one of my little paper gift boxes (in case it's a gift you will be giving instead of keeping) just let know and I will add it to your package. If there is an interest in these then I might put together a couple more.

Once I went through my tiny shells, I dug into the ones a bit bigger and came up with these nice destash groupings. (Also can be found in my Etsy shop....just sayin)

 Oyster shell, conch shell, olive shell, auger shell, 3 scallop shells and three Banded Sea stars.

 Oyster shell, cerith shell, auger shell, olive shell, three scallop shells and three Banded Sea stars.
Oyster shell, conch shell, olive shell, auger shell, three scallop shells and three banded Sea stars.

So much you could do with this nice grouping, eh? Start a shell collection, add to a shell collection, beach theme decorations, art supplies for that beach theme project and I'm sure you can think of many more uses. Since I can not get these into a small flat rate Priority box and have to bump it up to the medium then I will add a few more oyster shells (the projects with these are so many too) and even a small bag of beach sand. HEY, don't call the sand police on me. I don't go and scoop up baggies of sand. My sand comes from all the shells that I bring home. Before I wash them up, I make sure to give them a good shake and believe me, after 4 years of beach walkabouts and shell hunting I have accumulated a good bit of sand. 

Today I think I might go through some of my fabric and see just what I can bare to part with...hehe  I'll let ya know if I can ummm I mean what I come up with. 

Until next time...........Hugs,

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