Sunday, May 11, 2014


WOW....I do believe that it's summertime already. I know the official first day of summer is not until June 21st but with our's here a tad bit sooner. Doesn't surprise me though really, seeing how poor Mother Nature has been so confuzzled as of late. ^_^

Now I bet you're wondering why I have Robert Parker's song Barefootin in my post for today. Ohhh, admit know you were. The reason being is that I have been working on some designs for barefoot sandals. Since summer time is here upon us, I wanted to make some unique ones of my own.

Here's my first pair and (blushing) please forgive the bright white skin and freckled chubbie legs and feet. I made these using a natural polished brown hemp rope (so there will be no scratchiness) and doing my twisted square knot. The focal center point is the vintage glass white beads (look kinda like turtle eggs, eh?) and the turquoise stone turtle bead. I did the twisted square knot as the anklet part as well and it has the same square knot closure I use on my bracelets. That gives you a way to adjust the tension. Attached to the back ropes are more of the vintage glass beads. I have worn these around the house for the past couple of days and they are very comfortable. Great for those beach walks this summer!!!

I think all my other pairs will not have as long of a center so that it will fit several sizes of feet. (mine are a 7 1/2 to 8....just so you have an idea) I plan on making more and having them in my Etsy shop soon. ^_^

Until next time..........keep some sand (or green grass) between your toes and enjoy each day,

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  1. So cute!! Jealous of your warmer weather. It's been soooo cold, windy and rainy over here. As usual! *pouty face*