Monday, May 12, 2014

Feet Feet FEET!!!!!

Good Morning. I'm so freakin EXCITED!!! Yes I know it's a Monday (and therefore I shouldn't be so excited) and NOOO, I haven't lost my mind. (well...not completely just yet..hehe)

I sent a photo of the pair of barefoot sandals I showed ya'll yesterday to my "Awesome" friend that co-owns Beach Reflections in Gulf Shores. (Both are awesome actually and amazing photographers, Diane Davis and Fonda Thomas.) Ohhh and if you are down here visiting, make sure you stop in and visit. They are located at 1210 Gulf Shores Parkway, Gulf Shores, AL (it's close to our little zoo that could) Well....she LOVED them and told me to get my hiney in gear and get as many as I could made by Wednesday and get them to her. It's the Hangout Music Festival starting this Friday and what could be better to wear attending a music fest ON the beach than barefoot sandals?? Exactly!!!

Here are two pair I finished last night and after I finish sharing this then I'm going to be doing an awful lot of twisting today and tomorrow and Wednesday morning...hehe. No worries, I will be sharing the new ones with you too.

Natural polished hemp rope with tiny glass amber beads and glass fish beads. 

Natural polished hemp rope with Tibetan beads and medallions

Until next time.....Hugs,

(I guess you can tell I like to say mini notes in parentheses....hehe)


  1. I love the sandals! They bring back great memories that were long tucked away. I used to make some like that back n the 70's but they weren't nearly as pretty as yours. Mine were nothing but seed beads on stretchy cord. But I thought I was the bomb wearing them. I know yours will be great sellers at your friends' store!

  2. AAhhh that is exciting. Happy late mother's day.
    I have a new great grand daughter for MD. How cool is that?
    Hope you have a very nice day. Now get to work girl!

  3. Woohoo, you go, girl! Brilliant news. I do love those barefoot sandals. Oh this is so excellent, I am thrilled to bits for you. xx