Monday, May 19, 2014

Where did this school year exactly???

WOW....the Chazman got up singing and a dancin this morn because after today, there is only 3 1/2 days remaining of this school year. Talk about a fast year and they seem to be getting faster and faster with each passing one. Can we just tie a rope on Father Time's leg and slow him down a bit?

Of course the Chazman wanted to give his teachers and Mrs. Malisham (the interim principal) a gift to remember him by. I told him since he was such a sweet, well mannered and handsome young man that they would..hehe!! He agreed with that but still wanted to get them a gift. (wish ya could have seen his sly little grin) Here's what their gifts will be.....with each one wrapped inside one of my little paper gift boxes.

While I was taking the above photo so I could show ya'll the gifts, I suddenly felt  like I was being watched, stared at, stalked and it was kinda creeping me say the least. (especially since I caught those orbs last year hovering around all the Christmas decorations waiting to be put up) After deciding that there wasn't any visitor in my studio area, I glanced up to look out the big windows in front of my work desk and there sitting on the powerline looking straight at me.......was.....a.......squirrel...BAHAHA!!! He was just a chattering at me too. I knew someone was watching me. ^_^

I'm still working on my barefoot sandal designs and have one pair completed and working on another pair. I hope to get several made in the next few days and get them in my Etsy shop. Ya know you need a pair, ri iight??

 Finished pair.
One I'm working on obviously...hehe

Until next time.............Hugs,

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