Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1 & 2 & Twist & Stretch!!

Bet by the title you thought you were fixing to walk into a gym....Regi's workout studio...feel the burn kinda place, ri iight?? Well....not today. (Hey...I heard that "Whew" you just let out...hehe) Today's title means that I'm not just twisting the hemp rope but I decided to stretch some elastic cording as well in making some of my barefoot sandals. If you missed out on yesterday's post and have no clue what I'm jabbering about then click HERE to find out. By the way....why don't you know already? YOU should be visiting everyday ^_^. I so love when YOU visit with me.

I'm having so much FUN making these. It's a great frustration reducer since I have to concentrate on the designs for the pieces and then counting out the beads. I mean we all know that I'm a "one thing at a time" kinda gal so it makes everything else fade away....for the time being anyways. Here's a few of the "twisted" sandals I made yesterday.

 These I made a bit different. Instead of my twisted closure I kept the strings long so that it can be wrapped around the ankle and then tied in the back, front, or side. (kinda like Roman sandals, eh?)

 Close up of the "Roman" sandals...hehe
 Since these will be worn at the beach I thought perhaps a beach scene one would be nice. I used vintage brass beads and bronze shell charms. 
Close up of the beach scene ones.

Now I think I have made the twisted ones where they will fit just about anyone. I left enough roping at the ends for larger sizes and if they are to big then they can be clipped and re knotted at the ends. Have to try and make everyone Happy Happy Happy!!! I have some more designs for the twisted that I'm working on today and will post them tomorrow. 

Now even though I LOVE doing my macrame, my muse started whispering about making some beaded ones using stretchy cord. Those that visit often know good and well that I have to listen to the whispers or they become out right screams...hehe. Here's a pair doing what the "whispers" told me. (Yes, yes I hear voices in my head. Don't you??)

 Now..my mermaid soul came out with these. 
 I even attached mermaid scales to the backs. (ok not really mermaid scales, cause I would never take a mermaid's scales...that wouldn't be nice..hehe)
 All the beads are glass and the larger focal bead on each sandal has a pretty gold flaking inside.

I'm off to do some more twisting and stretching. Noooo, for real this time. I need to take a break and really do my workout and then get back to this kind of twisting and stretching. ^_^

Until next time...............Hugs,

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