Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cute corner paper bookmark...YOU can make!!

As most know, I LOVE to that makes trips to the library very common and VERY frequent. Yes, I still love to hold a book in my hand, smell the paper and mark my place when I have to reluctantly close it for awhile. I started sometime last year making corner paper bookmarks to take with me when I was checking out books and it seems that several of the patrons liked that idea. Now, every few months or so I take in a bunch to be given out. I thought perhaps some of you who love to read like I do, might just want a paper bookmark all your own. 

Here's what you will need to get started...not much....but every project has a few needed items, ri iight??

I love using these scrapbook papers for my bookmarks especially the 12x12 size because you can get 4 bookmarks out of one piece of paper. You can use anything really though. Gift wrap paper, old greeting cards or even print out your own images. I just like to use cardstock paper so that it will have some strength to it.
You will also need a ruler, pencil and scissors. The paper here is what I picked out to use as my "follow along" piece. So let's "Follow along"...shall we. hehe
 You want to measure your paper out to a 6x6 piece. 
 Flip it over on the plain side and turn like this. If it looks like a triangle then ya turned it right. 
 Take the bottom point and line it up to the top point and run your finger over it several times to get a good crease should look like this. Then open it up, turn it once to the right and do it the same way again.
 Once you have folded the second time, open it up and place the top point and the bottom points centered in the middle where the crease line is. (See that's why I told ya to crease it earlier...cheat line)
 Fold it over and it should look like this.
 Flip it so that the longest part is downwards. Take one corner and fold over to the middle. You should see the crease line to use as the folding point.
 Do the other end the same way and you should have what looks like a bat flying really fast towards you. Well, that's what the Chazman says it looks like to him. ^_^  It should look like the picture above. 
 Flip it over and you will see that we make a little pocket. 
 Tuck one of the flaps inside the pocket. Then tuck the other flap inside. Once both are tucked in you can press the seams tighter with your fingers.
 YOU just made a cute little paper corner bookmark!!

These bookmarks really hold up well and can make cute little gifts. You can embellish them just about any way you want to. Just remember that they mark a page inside the book. 

Hope you'll try and make a few for yourself and friends. Let me know if you do, I would love to see them.

Until next time..........Hugs,

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