Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This lil piggie went to the market...this lil piggie went.......

AND these lil piggies are going to Beach Reflections this morning...hehe!!! Can ya tell I have either (A) had to much coffee already this morning or (B) read wayyy to many nursery rhymes or (C) am just a tad bit touched in the noggin or (D) all of the above.  If you guessed (D) all of the above then you'd be exactly right.

See the lil piggies? HEHE  Ohhhh, I just have to laugh at myself sometimes. (ok I laugh at myself all the time) but I just couldn't resist making a foot card (or would that be foot note?) to put the barefoot sandals on. I have all nine pairs on their own little foot and even slipped over the second toe.

I could have just kept on making these but this morning was my deadline for getting them to the shop so that they could be inventoried in, in time for all the folks that are coming down for the Hangout Music Festival. I am planning on making some to put in my Etsy shop, so if you're interest in getting a pair keep a watch over on my sidebar to see when they have been added. (yeppers, I have a link to my shop over to the right. I know it can be missed sometimes because of getting so lost in looking at all the pretty pictures...hehe)

Here's a recap of the ones going this morning and keep those fingers crossed that they all sale!!! Ppplease.

Until next time............Hugs,

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