Thursday, May 22, 2014

Owww...I found some belt buckles!!

Good Happy Friday Eve morning!!! Well...saying it that way makes the weekend feel even closer, ri iight??

It's suppose to be a pretty weekend too and I hope that means there will be several good treasure hunts to pursue. Treasure hunt=yard sales..hehe  I mean I am going through my old stuff (destashing) which means there will be room for new old stuff.

I said earlier that I was going to go through all my fabric and well........that kinda got put off for a bit. I have TONS of fabric to go through. I did whilst digging in my art closet find a bag full of belt buckles. Nothing wrong with them either. I just needed the leather belts they were attached to. Remember those wrist cuffs I made a few years ago? I even did a How To for ya'll. You don't remember? here and refresh those memories.

I sorted through and grouped liked ones together and have them in my Etsy shop as destash items. Of course, they could be used as a belt buckle again (just add belt..hehe) or could be use for some art projects or some could even be placed in shadow boxes and hung in a man cave. Ohhhh, you'll see why I said that when you see a few of them. ^_^

Now.....see why I suggested a man cave? What better place for a shadow box containing a Jack Daniel's Old Time Tennessee Whiskey fine pewter buckle? They are authentic and are stamped on the back as you can see in the photo above.

  Varoooommmm!!! Here's some for that avid race fan. These would really look good in a shadow box hanging in that man cave that has a NASCAR theme going on. Authentic too and stamped on the back of each.

Now here's a grouping for that Western theme you might need. Like I said...these could be used for unique art projects too. 

Here's some interesting ones. Now I didn't make these but I LOVE that someone did. One is made from nuts (bolts) and the other from nails. Very unique!!

There are a few other ones in my shop I'm offering and if not for anything else but to use them as a base to add upon.....well.....your imagination can "see" what they could be. ^_^

Until next time...........Hugs,

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  1. Wow all of these are very nice. I love pewter.
    Have a really nice weekend