Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oopsie..Santa got caught by Li'l Miss LuLu

Merry Christmas A B C 

A is for Apple that
hangs on the tree

B is for Bells that
chime out in glee

C is for Candy to
please boys and girls

Please Li'l LuLu fall back to sleep...for I still have more promises to keep. caught me, I know and that's why I'm still here but after this story it's your bedtime my dear. Now listen and shhhhh and go back to sleep and in the morning all the gifts you can keep.

Poor Santa.....finally after all these years he was caught coming down the chimney by a small and tiny 3 year old that goes by the name of LuLu. She meant no harm but she just had to see the jolly olde elf himself for her to "BELIEVE". Ohhhh and she does believe now and always will for this will be a wonderful memory taken throughout the years. 

Thank goodness Santa had a new book for LuLu in his magical bag. He loves reading himself and loves to encourage children at an early age to learn how important reading can be. Now LuLu can learn her ABC's before next Christmas and Santa can bring her more storybooks...hopefully though he won't be the one reading them to her. He has to admit that this big old chair sure is comfy and being able to put his feet up, well that's a treat on this busiest of nights. Next year LuLu might have to be his last stop just so he can read to her again.

It seems that it took F O R E V E R to finish this piece but I have to admit that a good bit of work went into designing and making it. Making the PawPaw chair, quilting the tiny blanket, making the ottoman, Li'l Miss LuLu and Santa. Like I said....a good bit of work!! I'm going to be putting this one in my Etsy shop and if you are interested in adopting Santa and LuLu AND do it by Friday the 7th then you can get FREE shipping.
Just use the code CHAZMAN and shipping will be free. My thank you for becoming one of my collector's!!
(thinking positive for YOU...I do actually have a few that have purchased several of my pieces)'s on to the next Santa. Santa and the antique toys. Please come back to visit to see some WIP photos as I work on this piece. I love when YOU visit and LOVE when you let me know that you have.

Until next time..........HUGS,


  1. Adorable. You must have fun making these pieces Regina. They have a magical, whimsical flair to them, as though their creator took time and pride in the creation.