Sunday, October 26, 2014

And HE thought dog was MANS best friend!!!

In a place filled with mist and the smell of the sea a very old, grumpy and cold hearted man awoke to a horrible realization. He sat up scratching his noggin and felt a terrible dread. Oh could he even begin to understand what had happened to him. The last thing he remembered was being out walking with his faithful companion, Beau, his very large and handsome mastiff. Beau had been chasing the neighborhood cats. One of his dog's favorite pastimes and one he always allowed. They both really hated those cats. Nothing but smelly, lazy, independent creatures that cared for nothing but themselves. He really didn't like those nasty little powder puffs. No....not al all!!!

Godfrey sat for a minute more and stood and started calling out to his Beau. No response from the large mastiff was heard but in the distance he swore he heard several hisses and meows. He followed the sounds because he just knew there he would find his dog chasing those darn cats again. To his surprise though, once he walked out of the mist and closer to the sound he was surprised to be surrounded by thousands upon thousands of cats. Some stalking, some preening, some play fighting and some just looking at him as though they knew he was THE man that owned that obnoxious beast that plagued them for so long. Godfrey was in shock at the sight and slowly started to panic. He dropped to his knees and called out for anyone....ohhh come and tell him what was happening and just where in the world he was.

After some time passed and no one answered his pleas, Godfrey got up and sat on a small stool he found and with his hands on his head knowing that he had somehow been doomed he felt a warm caress and then another and yet another until he was feeling warmer inside than he ever had in his life. He raised up and to his surprise there were several cats all which were giving him warmth to soothe him and calm his nerves. He was shocked...totally and completely shocked. How could these creatures whom he had help torment for so long be giving him all this love.

Out of no where an Archangel appeared. A beautiful being who walked directly over to Godfrey and touched his shoulder. Pain immediately began in his chest, shoulders and back. He just knew this was truly the end. To his surprise a warmth began to fill him. His heart became light and filled with strength and might. She spoke to him as she began ruffling feathers that had appeared on his back. Feathers....was she being cruel...was he to be a giant playtoy for these cats. He so wouldn't say he didn't deserve it after all his mean years but why give him such warm, strong feelings to only take them away and replace them with of all things....feathers!! She smiled at him and spoke "Godfrey, I am Ariel, the protector of the environment and animals, you fell and into the ocean you went along with Beau as your walk took you on to a bad part of the pier. Beau is where he should be now and you, I cradled in my arms as you sank further to the bottom. Once the bottom was reached I realized that inside a once grumpy, hateful old man was really just a man who had been hurt beyond reason and had simply closed his heart to all around him except for his dog. Now there is nothing wrong with loving a dog, as he is truly man's best friend as everyone knows. God made sure that each soul knew that....hence his name spelled backwards for the creature. That showed me that there was still love in that heart and I wanted you to become one of my guardians". Godfrey was aghast at what this angel was saying and trying hard not to sputter and stutter as he asked, What is to become of me now a guardian and a guardian of what? The angel said that since dog was protected by his maker that she had to do a little extra protection of her some of her beloved creatures so when the right person passed from this world and showed her that they still had some love in their hearts she made them one of her protect in his case....her cats. The feathers she explained were not a curse but strong wings to aide him in his flight when he was needed to return to earth to protect or even to return one of her cats that had spent their nine lives out in that realm. As she turned to leave him she whispered "Cats ARE very independent creatures but they are filled with unconditional love, so treat them with such and go and protect my sweet, hearted guardian".

Godfrey is one of my one of a kind sculpts. (ooaks)  He has a strong wire armature that was wrapped in tape and plushed out with fabric and stuffing. His head, hands and feet were sculpted by hand then detailed using acrylic paints. His feet are covered in handmade felt boots. His clothes are handsewn  His sweater and hat were made from a baby's booties. (I love repurposing once loved items) his vest from felt and his pants old pair of khaki pants. His wings are made from natural feathers that have been sprinkled with gold angel dust. (that's glitter peoples..hehe) He is sitting on a covered wooden thread spool (well the cats have to have something to scratch on) that is sitting inside a ceramic cat bowl. He and his charges (four cats) are permanently attached to the bowl. The cats were hand sculpted and detailed using acrylic paints as well. One is giving Godfrey some loving, one is laying in his lap playing with a ball of yarn, one is climbing on his pants leg to grab the end of that yarn and one is purring and preening) This piece sits right at 9 inches from the base to the tip of his wings.

Before anyone ask....yes...I plan on doing a dog guardian as the future. Until then...............


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  1. I just adore the stories you create around your fabulous characters.