Friday, October 10, 2014

WIP on The Black Hat Sisterhood ooaks

Happy Friday peoples!! I've been working on my newest ooaks the past few days and wanted to share some WIP images with you. Hoping to get her face detailed this afternoon as she's in the oven baking as we're conversing at the moment. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by YOUR visits!!!
Since this is just a bust and I knew it would take a good bit of clay for the size it needed to be, I had thought about doing a foil armature for the clay to attach to. I love using foil and then wrapping it in floral tape and then sealing it with glue for my larger pieces but I was really afraid that it would make the head a bit to heavy. Don't need an ooaks that seems to nod off now and then from a droopy head. If you have been visiting with me under the old Southern ooak tree for some time then you know that I LOVE to use old items......items that have lived out their original purpose but aren't ready for the trash pile just yet. Yes,'s man's trash is another man's treasure...BAHAHA!! I remembered that I had these small round used light bulbs and felt that one would be perfect and light (no pun intended..hehe) enough to make a great skull for this witch. 
This is how she looks sitting on the block. I'm very happy with how the bulb worked out. I did this a bit more human than most of my sculpts but I think she still has my whimsy style.
I'm going to do her eyes a bit different than I normally do. For my smaller pieces I normally use a bone bead as the sclera (the white part) and then paint the iris and pupil after baking. I have actually made some clay eyes and baked and painted them before I put them in a sculpt as well. I like both methods but wanted to try something different with this one since it's probably one of the biggest heads I've sculpted. I love looking at How To videos and saw one a while back (a long while back and can't seem to find now or I would share link with you) where an artist used clay and made an indention in the center. She then painted the iris (indented center or well) and slowly added clear varnish layers building the iris up giving it a more realistic look. This is what I'm going to try peoples.....keep those fingers crossed that it works.
Be careful now....this lil witch might HEAR what you're saying....BAHAHA!!! Most the time you can't see the ears because of the hair but like most things that are never seen, I add them because I know they're suppose to be there. I'm also going to make a pair of dangle steampunk earrings for her to wear and she needed ears for that. ^_^

Until next time............Hugs,

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