Saturday, October 4, 2014

Glenda Glitch....Tooth Faerie??

Tooth faeries.....we all believe(d) in them at one time, yes? Those sweet little faeries that come to retrieve the lost baby teeth of the little children. Each child has their own tooth faerie as they lose their baby teeth. A token of coin is given to the child that leaves the tooth under their pillow. Coins have no value to the faeries but the teeth...ohhh the teeth, those were very valuable indeed. Baby teeth were the way the faeries could insure that their charge's (child) soul would receive safe passage in the afterlife. Teeth mean strength and power. The faeries also guided the children to keep their baby teeth protected....stay away from sweets so the baby teeth would be strong for the faeries and be replaced with healthy teeth in their place to last them through their adulthood. The faerie motto strongly engrained as the children slept.....Stay away from sweets!!

Faeries such sweet, sweet creatures and one of the sweetest was Glenda. Oh how she loved her job. Loved all her little children. She took pride in all the teeth that she had collected over the years....keeping the souls in perfect harmony until their time on earth was complete. She had the largest collection of teeth and she knew and protected them all.....remembering who each tooth belonged to.

One day a peddler man came to the area that Glenda was in charge of to sale his tonics and wares. As they gathered around to see what he had to offer he told the folkes of the village about what he had learned in his travels about some other cultures regarding baby teeth and their importance. He told them that some believed that there was power in the baby teeth and would make sure as each one was lost that it was either burned or buried. The folke of the village were shocked. How could anyone do such a thing? The tooth faeries needed the teeth to protect the children. The peddler man explained that these others believed that if a witch got hold of those teeth that she would have the ultimate power over the child.....she could make them do her bidding without any fuss.

Now Glenda, being one that kept in contact with her area, heard of these tales and became very concerned when the old peddler brought doubt to some of the villagers. Enough doubt that they began to believe the tales of the witch and what she would do if she claimed their children's baby teeth. So some began to burn or bury the teeth. In doing this, Glenda became furious that she went to the elders of the village to warn them that believing in the peddler man's tales would cause great harm. She had always protected them and would not stand for such beliefs in her area. They all agreed that she was right and the burning and burials would cease. However, some were so afraid that they continued the new secret. A secret they should have known could not be kept from Glenda....a tooth faerie. A tooth faerie with the power to change.....change into the very witch which the village had created with their doubtful behavior. They themselves had thrown a glitch into their peaceful lives and now.....they would pay....and pay dearly.

Glenda Glitch was born and she was seeking revenge and REVENGE was exactly what she was going to have. She had in her possession the baby teeth of the children that she had guarded until the village betrayed her and she was going to use that against them. She planned and sent whispers on the wind to the little ones of the promise of lollipops if they only came to visit and on Halloween night she extracted her revenge. Calling all the little children to her and giving them what they had begun to crave.....a delicious huge lollipop. So sad the little ones forgot about the tooth faerie motto....Beware of sweets!! The villagers laughed at her and let the children trick or treat even at her doorstep, completely unaware that these were not the sweets for children to enjoy but lollipops that would so enjoy the children and because Glenda held their baby teeth they lost all reason and gladly became.......the TREAT.  Bahahahahahahaha!!!!


Glenda and little LuLu (poor dear...has no clue what she is about to truly receive) are one of my Southern ooaks. A true one of a kind sculpt, completely done by hand. Glenda and LuLu both shaped by hand and then detailed using acrylic paints, vintage fabrics, wool and love. They are permanently attached to a hand painted wooden base. The words Trick or Treat were burned into wood. (that was an Ouchie experience) They stand at 10 1/2 inches and are 6 inches in length. A great collectable for any Halloween collection. If not contacted by anyone through my blog or Facebook posting I will list this piece in my Etsy shop next week. This piece sales for $125.....remember it's a true one of a kind collectable and not a toy.

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  1. What a great story, Regi, I was completely hooked. And Glenda looks absolutely fabulous!

    1. happy it drew you in...hehe!! So good to see you too my friend. HUGS

  2. OOOHHHHH MYYYYYY she is beautiful!!!! I mean fantastic!!!
    Well done my friend.

    1. Ohhhhh thank you Nicole. Beautiful though...hehe!!


  3. You wrote her story!!! YAY! Matches the piece perfectly!

    1. I had to stop writing..hehe..I could have made it a lot longer. Ya know me and the mini novels.