Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Decorations going up...slowly!!

Good Morning Peoples!! Welcome to the old Southern Ooaks tree. So happy you took some TIME to come and sit for a spell.

I spent yesterday putting up some of our Halloween decor. Normally by now I have all of them up but since this mummy (yeppers, spelled correctly because with the way this kidney infection is effecting me I feel like one) is having to move slowly and rest a good bit then it might take until the weekend to get them all up. I thought I might share what I do have so far though....since you did come to visit. ^_^

Love my "Happy Hauntings" banner. I made this one last year and I'm hoping it will last for a long time. If I can keep Piwacket from trying to attack it perhaps I can. Bahaha!! It's printed on cardstock and was so simple to make. If you would like to make one for yourself  here's the link I found it at.  Have FUN!!    The bow in the middle I made from ribbon from the Dollar Tree (gotta luv Dollar Tree) and a piece of orange burlap I already had. There's a pesty old crow in the middle and thankfully he can't yell CAW CAW CAW either. I'm sure Piwacket would enjoy it though...and eating him. Ewwww!!!  Can ya imagine the mess and all the feathers. Hmmm, I could use some feathers. Nahhh...glad it's not real. The skull was one my sister left when she moved and I'm sure it was totally by accident that it did get left behind and being the good sister that I am AND if she ask for it back then I will take it to her.........on my next visit which will be AFTER Halloween which means I can and am gonna use it this year. BAHAHAHA!!!  You can put a candle on the inside and I plan on doing just that and lighting him up at night and turning all the lights out and just staring at him. Yeah, yeah...I'm weird like that.  Like I stated earlier, I haven't finished yet and that's why the three candle holders are empty. I need to make a Dollar Tree run and by some black and orange votive candles to go in them. (along with a few other items. Rubbing hands together and doing an evil laugh)

I love using my ooaks in my decorating so when something doesn't sell it so doesn't break my heart at all. Although, my witch with her skellie candelabra has been spoken for but not going out until closer to Christmas so she is very happy to join her other quirky characters this year as part of the decorations. I plan on removing the items on the very top and having an assortment of crows sitting up there and I want to move all my teapot collection and put different glass containers there with all the creepily, spooktacular items there that we all love at Halloween. Like perhaps Fur of werewolf or Arsenic-Poison or Bat droppings (everyone needs some good tasty bat droppings) and even some dried bat ears (YUM). The crystal decatur is going to have red juice in it and a tag that states "Vampire Blood". Again....still decorating!! Come back to visit and I'll share some of the labels with you and a great recipe for Transylvania Dirt". Don't know what that is? It's ok....just come back to visit and find out. ^_^

Love Halloween cause you can just let the cobwebs run WILD. hehe 
This lil guy has a very special place in my heart. He's dressed in the very first Trick or Treat costume the Chazman wore. I so enjoyed making it and still love to see it. So can't believe he was ever this small though. 

Had to show a close up of this part of the phone table. I keep my cat teapot out all year but love adding it in with the Halloween decorations. (it's circa 1920)

The corner on the other side of the sideboard. I plan on putting another huge web ummm I mean I plan on not clearing the cobwebs away here either. Bahaha!! One of my witches along with some Halloween signs I have made over the years. Still decorating and I know I have a few more signs to hang. If I can just remember where I put them. 

Well...that's all I have so far and probably not going to do anything today as I kinda over did it yesterday. I am planning on starting the steampunk witch bust though as I'm sitting here in my work area enjoying the nice Fall like weather we are having. It won't last long but in the South when the humidity is low...we enjoy for as long as we can.  

Until next time...........Hugs,

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