Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sabrina....the year 1692

It was a cold snowy day in January, the year 1692. Several good friends had gathered to show off their new hats. They loved spending time together and they all loved making their hats. Some visits were spent sharing whatever new hat had been made but some were spent out in the forest gathering herbs and plants. On these gatherings you could hear them singing and dancing, enjoying their time together as a group.They were a very talented group that had learned to treat Mother Earth with respect and in return she had given them the gift of using her herbs and plants to heal and restore others. Village folks from miles around knew of the ladies and would come bringing them gifts if they would in return help them with whatever ailment they were experiencing at the time. The ladies gladly helped....they were pure at heart and extremely giving.

One of them suggested at the next weekly meeting that they should have a name for their group...something that reflected one of their loves. Hence....The Black Hat Sisterhood became into existence. Established in 1692 this sisterhood stood strong and is still in existence to this day. Just look around might just know one of us them.

Little did these loving, caring women know that in the next month that terrible trials would begin. The famous Salem Witch hunts. How dare anyone think that things they did not understand make another a witch. If being able to do what they did for others and they were witches then so be it. They would continue to practice and help in whatever way they could but they knew from this day forward that it would have to be done quietly. Due to the witch hunts taking so many innocent lives as well as true witches, the ones that were able to go undetected were blessed with stronger powers. One of the original witches, Sabrina, of the sisterhood was blessed with time travel. And time travel she does!!

Sabrina is finally complete. If you have been following along then you see that something is missing. Yes, her goggles. I decided since she had the unique monocle that she would be quiet happy with that. I plan on doing several in this series, as the original was a group of ladies and will use the goggles with one of them. Have you been following along with the WIP post on Sabrina? If not then here are some past post to see just what went into designing and making her. Click and here Enjoy!!

Welcome back from visiting those past post...hehe!! As you can see from reading that ideas can change on a whim. A muse's whim that is. Bahahahaha!! I start out with ideas and as I'm working on the design of the piece it will change. Most of the time, it's to improve it and some of the time I think it's just to irritate me. ^_^

Sabrina, as you know has a strong wire armature and recycled round light bulb as her base. Those were covered in clay and then her face, neck and shoulders were hand sculpted. Her face and eyes were painted using acrylic paints. Notice the clock pieces and numerals on Sabrina's face? That marks her as one of the time travelers. Her eyes and lips sealed with varnish. Her hair is wool dyed the dreadlock look this yarn gives. Ya man...luv the dreads!! Her jewelry (necklace, earrings and monocle) are all some of my own designs. Steampunk is so much fun to do. Her hat was handmade and attached is a moon charm with watch pieces as well as a tiny glass potion bottle filled with.......magic!! (sand peoples sand) She sits on a pine wood base block that I washed in orange and black acrylic paints and then wood burned the letters into. This piece sits right at 11 inches from base bottom to the top of her black hat. I signed and dated the bottom.

Please keep in mind that these are collector items and not toys. They will keep for many many years if handled properly. My pieces are unique and truly one of a kind. I may do a series of some but never will two pieces be the same.

Until next time...............Hugs,


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that she sells! Or. .. have you fallen in love with her?

  2. Ohhh ya know I fall in love with them all...hehe!! I do hope someone falls in love with her more though. ^_^

  3. You are such a story teller! And time traveller Sabrina is quite an amazing personality.

  4. Ahhh thank ya kindly Liz. I have missed you. Hugs!!!!