Friday, October 3, 2014

Wood Burning can cause OUCHIES peoples!!!!

Happy FINALLY got here....YEAH!! It is Friday, ri iight?? Ohh, I know it is cause I marked my calendar off this morning. At least it should be, as long as no one else marked it off..bahahahaha!!! ^_^

The base for Glenda and LuLu is complete. I know that not much of the top shows due to the ooaks themselves but I know what's there. Are you like that when you work on something? Hope it's not just quirky me. Please say it's not...ppplease!!!

I really like how the words "Trick or Treat" turned out. I used my wood burner which I haven't used in over a year. I forgot that even close to the end gets rather HOT HOT HOT. So of course I just had to touch it and yeppers....wood burners can cause OUCHIES peoples AND blisters. I'll live...thank goodness and will remember not to touch so far down the next time. Well....hopefully, I'll remember that the next time anyways. ^_^

Glenda's hat is complete as well and she decided that she did NOT want that big old flower on it. Not a problem though because I have several other witch sculpt ideas flying around in my head. OMGOSH, I made a funny. Did ya get it? Witch.....flying!! BAHAHAHAHA

The whole piece is complete and I will post images of them along with their story in tomorrows post so I hope that you will come back to visit so that you can learn all about Glenda and the.........Oops...almost told the dark twist on this one. Just come back peoples, okay??

Until next time...........Hugs,

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