Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Monday the 13th!!

It's Monday yet again peoples. I hope that you had an awesome spent having some fun adventures (ones that you can talk about and even some that so need to stay put in the weekend and NEVER be talked about..bahaha) OR just resting. So happy that you came to sit under the Old Southern ooaks today....luv your visits.

I  F I N A L L Y finished with Sabrina's eyes....all the layers and layers of paint and clearcoat. I do think they turned out so good and l@@k so pretty. I really like making eyes this way but for future reference if you ever follow along and try some of the things I do....DO NOT....make the well to deep. Takes F O R E V E R to fill in. I know, I know, I stated in past post that I was patient and (STOP LAUGHING) I am but goodness it took two days to fill those greens in. ^_^

In between waiting on each layer to dry (Did I mention that it took a long long time? hehe) I worked on her steampunk jewelry pieces. Love steampunk!!!

 Thinking I might actually like a pair of the earrings for myself. Bahaha!!
 Close up of her necklace. I even put a lobster clasp on it. Well...she might want to take it off AND if she does then ya better.....RUN!!!!
This piece is going on her the front and center. I'm going to attach a small green potion bottle that's filled with dragon teeth dust. It's really beach sand.  What did ya think it was peoples? Like I would give away my dragon teeth dust...ppplease. Her steampunk spy glass I'm currently working on is also going to be attached to her hat on the chain as well. Her goggles will be going on top too. I got the spyglass and her goggles sculpted yesterday and baked last night and plan on working on them as soon as I'm finished with this post. 

Remember this is a WIP image....they will look good once completed....I hope!!! I'm ready to get this piece completed because I already have a few others "flying" around in my head wanting to get out. BAHAHA!! Did ya catch that funny there? Flying...witches. Ok ok I know I'm weird but ya gotta luv me, ri iight??

Until next time....Hugs,


  1. Wow those eyes are amazing! The entire face has so much expression. You are so talented.

    1. Awwww thanks babe. I really do like doing them this way.