Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gonna be a Steampunk Saturday

Happy Happy Saturday peoples!!! It's going to be a beautiful day. I have the windows and back door open and the cool, crisp air is AWESOME. Of course, it won't last long. It's the South and Mother Nature thinks it's suppose to be summertime here all the time...BAHAHAHA!!!

It's going to be a steampunk day here under the old Southern ooaks. Sabrina is all baked and I plan on starting on her eyes today. It's going to take some time adding all the clear layers to them after I get the iris painted so I have to be very, very patient. Stop laughing....I am and can be patient....I.....hope!!!  I worked on her hat yesterday while she was baking and cooling and here's what I have so far. (plus a few of the items that are going to go on the hat too...maybe....perhaps)

I really like how this turned out. I made it the same way I did my Mad Hatter hat a few years ago. Of course, this one is bigger than that one....hehe!! I wish that I had done a How to for ya'll, just in case you might want to make one too. I can TELL ya what I did and post a pic of my pattern....that should help, eh?

You can make so many different variations with these hats. Make them out of foam....out of paper (pretty paper).....cover them in fur....the ways are limitless. For the base I used heavy cardstock but you can use an empty cereal box. should be empty. I have been known to need one and dump the contents in a ziplock bag....oh yes I did!!!  For this particular hat I used the above pattern. The brim measures 4 inches across and the top portion measures 3 inches. The band is 2 1/2 inches on the ends and the more curve you give it the more height you will have in the front of the hat. Just play with it until you get it the way YOU want it. I did add a bit extra around the band and cut out tiny tabs along the top side on the paper (side that will go against the brim) so that I would have something to glue to the brim for support. I did the same thing with the top hat circle too. You can glue or tape it together. If I'm going to be using pretty paper as the outside of the hat then I use glue. For this one though since I covered it in velveteen fabric I taped the hat together to make sure it held and gave it some extra strength. I then glued the fabric on the cardstock and even stitched along the top portion (don't take glue to the edges if you are going to do this...makes it VERY hard to stitch) and then stitched together the brim top portion and the piece for underneath (so my cardstock wouldn't be showing) Not hard at all....just a bit time consuming but it's so so worth it....ri iiight?? For the tulle around the brim I gathered sections and then whip stitched them to the brim. I'm hoping to get it detailed today. I'm planning on making a pair of steampunk goggles to go on the hat top too. I mean a witch can get dust in her eyes from flying on her broom. Safety ^_^

Do you love this time of year? I know I sure do. Halloween is such a FUN time. I love vintage Halloween even more and try to pull it into my decorations. Do you have some little ghouls ummm I mean girls you plan on making special Trick or Treat bags for? I have some cute vintage paperdolls that you could add. I mean what little girl doesn't like paperdolls?

Hope you enjoy these and (looking around and whispering) it's quite alright if YOU cut them out and play with them too. Just sayin....I won't tell a soul. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. I never considered a top hat for a witch, but that's one of the things that makes you the quirky artist that you are. ;) I used to play with paper dolls when I was a kid. I don't think my girls were ever into them. Piffle, they don't know what they missed!

    1. Well thank you thank you. It's so nice to be recognized for my quirkiness...hehehe I love paperdolls. My granddaddy use to sit and draw some for me. Talk about an artist with a pencil.

  2. You are just going all the way with you art. You have been so busy and all the ideas are witchy fab. I was thinking of you this morning. I do like this time of year. I want this flying witch on your blog. I will have to look for it.
    All is well here.

  3. Aww thanks Nicole. Ya know me and my VERY over active imagination...hehe. If you click on the Blogamation in the upper right corner of my blog then you will "fly" on over to where she is...Bahahaha.

    So happy things are good there. I think of you often and miss ya gal.