Wednesday, October 1, 2014 making them!!!

Happy October 1st and Happy Wednesday peoples!! Wednesday really is the day to be HAPPY cause as a friend reminded me, it means we are going over the hump and downsliding to the weekend...WOO HOO!!! This is also the first day of Breast Cancer awareness month so let's put our pink on peoples (yes that mean ladies AND gentlemen. Like my Daddy use to say "Real men wear pink....proudly") and make sure to get those tata's taken care of. It's important because YOU are important!!!

I'm slowly working still on the old hag Glenda....hehe  Not so sure what's going on with this old hag either, still having some serious stomach issues and I've decided I don't like it. Not one little bit....nah ah...not at all. Enough whining though....thank you for listening. (like ya had a choice) I added another ruffle at the bottom of Glenda's skirt and got to work on her dreadlocks yesterday too. I LOVE making dreadlocks. I would probably make some for me to wear if I knew the old man wouldn't leave me. Hummm, there's a thought for later thinking. BAHAHA!! She also now has eyebrows and hairs coming out of her moles. She is looking rather "witchy" now. Here's Glenda and LuLu together.

Isn't she just BOOtiful? BAHAHAHA  HEY, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, yes? I'm going to work on her big witchy hat today. I like making witch hats for some reason. This one will even have a big flower on it.....with perhaps something hiding in it. ^_^

Before I start on the hat though, I'm going to work on painting their base. I'm thinking a faux stone path perhaps. I mean little Miss LuLu is totally and completely at that "Ohhhh sooo trusting stage" and isn't even giving it a second thought to walk up a stone path to what looks to her just an old house and a sweet little old lady dressed up for Halloween giving out candy. Poor dear!!!!

Looks like I might have some help painting, eh? Piwacket really is learning to be such a good girl when I'm working. I'm learning if I let her check things out first (and she decides she can't eat it or play with it) then I can work and she will lay to the side or curl up in my lap or push me forward in my chair and lay curled up behind me. Yes, those claws will make a woman move FAST!! So love this little purrrr monster ummm I mean kitty...hehehe!!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

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