Sunday, October 5, 2014

Whoodoing the voodooing on this old gal??

Morning peoples!! I have a question and someone had better answer it....ummm ppplease ^_^   Whoodoing the voodoing on this old gal? Can ya ppplease stop? I promise to not do what ever it was that I did do that caused you to do that voodoo. HEHE  I feel as though someone has a poppet of me and has lit a fire in my kidneys. Not fun....not fun at all will NOT stop me from starting my next Southern ooaks. No indeed!!!

I really don't think any of YOU have a poppet of me....well....perhaps one someone but she would be making me feel warm fuzzies not warm kidneys. (Ri iiight Dragonlady?) I'm not one to lay around and it is best to keep busy, yes? My grandmomma always said that keeping ones mind on other things could help keep any pain at bay ya might be a feelin. It works....most the time!!

I love this time of year and carousing all the sites to see just what other folks have come up with to celebrate Halloween. I never copy anyone else but ya have to admit, you sure can find some awesome inspiration out there. I found one site that had painted signs and fell in love with this one in particular. I've seen it a good bit over the years but it really grabbed my attention this time.

 Sign can be found HERE if interested ^_^

I do like the whole sign but it was some of the words that JUMPED out at me. "The Black Hat Sisterhood  Est. 1692". You do know the importance of the year, yes? In February of that year is when the famous witch trials in Massachusetts began. so sad that so many were accused that truly had no idea just why they were thought of as witches. Really sad that folks did not realize that like everything in this world there can be good and not just evil. OK....I'm getting of on a tangent....sorry!!

Seeing those words jump out at me was what truly inspired me for my next ooak piece. That along with the fact that I just finished the Glenda piece and her hat was the last piece I worked on and I LOVE making witches hats. Oh yes I do. This is not going to be a full witch sculpt since to me the important focal point here is....of course.....THE HAT!! It's going to be a witch's head with her hat. A pretty witch....a steampunk witch.Which means steampunk hat!!! Yeppers....that's what I'm seeing in my imagination at this point. I've started on the base already. Amazing what a plain old 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 block of wood can be turned into. Not finished with it just yet but thought I would show what I have so far. Love sharing ya know. ^_^

 Some orange acrylic paint rubbed into block and then wiped down. Added some black acrylic paint to detail and wiped down most of it.
Wanted a primitive look so I got brave and used my wood burner again. Didn't burn myself THIS time.

Today, if I can sit long enough then I'm going to start on the witch head. I do hope my muse and clay will cooperate and decide to be the pretty witch I see in my head. 

Until next time..........Hugs,
Regi, the Poppet ^_^

Ohhh and of course my newest side kick is right by my side I believe she always will be. Life without a cat is not much of a life.....well....for me anyways!!!

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