Monday, December 7, 2009

100th post....and my first give away contest!!!

When a friend suggested that I start a blog my first thought was "NOOOO WAY". Not shy, quiet me. I just couldn't possible think of anything to write about that others would want to read. Or for that matter post on a regular basis. Well, here I am at my 101st post. So far, this has been a wonderful adventure for me. I have discovered friends along the way as well as other artist. Thank you one and all, the ones that have become my followers, my friends, my advisors and my critiquers. I hope that we continue on this journey together through the next 100 post and add even more folks along the way. To say "thank you" I want to have my first giveaway contest. It's a simple one....just follow these few simple steps and you could be the winner of one of my weebies. (My tiny ornaments or desk sitters for those that might be reading my blog for the first time)

1. Post on Facebook about my blogsite so that others can find me;
2. Leave me a comment about how you like the blog so far and maybe some ooaks you might like to see in the future.
3. Do this everyday until Saturday, Dec 12th.

On Sunday, Dec 13th I will put the top three names in my very technical name drawing machine (ok ok it's a fish bowl) and let the Chazman pull a name out. That person will win one of my weebies and a BIG thank you!!!

Let's see how many really read my post and don't just look at the pictures...LOL!!!  Have fun and again,
Thank you so much for being on this wonderful adventure with me. Until next time,



  1. Congratulations on your 100th post - and that just since July! I have loved looking at your works in progress and seeing all the OOAKS come to life under your amazing artistic direction.

    I just posted the link to your blog on my Facebook status and will continue to do so. I hope this brings you more new visitors!

    Great job my friend, keep it up! I knew you could do it. ;o)

  2. it is the encouragement I get from folks like you Brenda and Blase' that keep me going. Thank you so much. Brenda I so knew you were one that read as well as looked at the pics..LOL!! Hugs, Regi

  3. I knew you could do this Girl! I love all your WIP & reading your fun notes here!! I am just popping in to Congratulate you- & to say to go for the next 100 & have fun doing it! Also- you are doing amazing art & they all make me smile;)

  4. Congrats!! and keep it up. Your blog's great... Sorry I don't have a facebook profile to advertise your blog...but its definitely worth advertising. You've done great so far and you will continue to do so.
    Happy Blogging... :-D.... It's actually quite fun you know!

  5. OK I'm going to like reading all my post..LOL!!! Thank you so much Lisa (the friend that pushed me to even start this journey) and Tunsie. I realize now that some of you don't do FB so to make it fair maybe you could send out my link in an email to some of your friends so they can find me here. Just send me the email to so I know that you did it.
    Thank you so much for sharing in my adventure and good luck in the fish bowl!!!!! Hugs

  6. hey regi!
    i love your creations. they are fantastic. you truely are a good artist. :)