Monday, December 7, 2009

The GUYS jewelry....the first set!!!

Today I have the first set of "guys" jewelry completed. Well, it's not all jewelry. I started thinking about what I could make for the guys in the family that are still young enough to receive a gift. In this family after you turn 19 then you are "bumped" up into the adult catergory. Not so sure that all 19 year olds are adults but that's how it works. Not sure even some of the thirty something males in this family are adults but that's for another long, long post....LOL!!!! Now, back to what I was originally discussing...what I could make for the guys. I decided upon a keychain and a bracelet. This set is for one of those dang auburn fans in my family...I do love him dearly but I really need to work on him and his choice of football teams. I used hemp cord, blue and orange wood beads and some really cool bone beads. I think he will be happy with this gift. Let's hope!!!

The first photo below is so you can see the design I used on the keychain. This is a tiny hemp cording but is very strong. I think it will hold a good bit of keys. Of course, you should never have to many keys on the ring, it's just to hard to remember what they all go to. Or it is for me....ummm now what were we talking about?
Here is the keychain and the bracelet. I love how the bone beads added to this piece. Yes, they are real animal bones. A friend gave me a small bag full and all she would tell me was that "no animal was harmed in the making of these beads". She knows what an animal lover I am....but she also knows I believe in recycling, especially some of God's creatures parts. They are just fantastic.
Well, on to making the next set for one of the "guys". Check back to see how it turns out. I'm having such fun making these. If you would like a set made for one of the "guys" in your family for a gift just send me an email or post a comment. Until next time,


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