Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last set of the "GUYS" jewelry is complete!!

Well, the last of the teenage "GUY" jewelry is complete. I'm almost sad to move on to my new projects. I just love making the hemp pieces. Ho hum!!!! Of course, anyone that knows me will be sitting back laughing at this because as soon as I start sewing, I will be saying, I LOVE to sew...LOL!!!

This piece was made using dark green hemp cording, earth clay beads and tiny bone beads. I think this set might just be my favorite. All the colors tie in so well with one another.

It's all wrapped and under the tree waiting to be opened and for me to hear all the glee from the teenage voices saying "'s a keychain and I really love where's my car and the keys to drive it"?  Dream on baby boys...dream on!!!!


As always, thank you for stopping by and looking and until next time,



  1. Neat looking 'guy' jewelry! Great idea!

  2. thanks Lynda..I love making the hemp pieces. I guess I'll always be a hippie at heart. Hugs!!