Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Pillowcase bag/purse

A few weeks ago, I had no choice but to clean up my studio and in doing so I discovered I had carpet on the floor that I hadn't seen in awhile and to be honest had completely forgotten about. I so hope that I'm not the only artist that gets so involved in designing and crafting that even I could get lost in the room at times. While cleaning I found one of my notebooks that I keep design ideas know the lays by your bedside table so when one of those ideas "POP" in your head you can jot it down or for some of us it is the muse that starts singing so loudly that it's amazing she doesn't wake up the whole house. Mine is the latter one...there are some days I would love to let her go visit another artist for a day or two. She sings almost constantly!! Anyway...what was I talking about? Oh yes...the notebook.  This one had been filled up many years ago and stored away. I'm so happy that I started flipping through it. I found my pillowcase bags I use to make. I first thought about this large bag due to my love of Mary Poppins (which I think I have stated in another post or two) To have a bag that was large enough to carry so many prized possesions. I made a smaller bag for one of my nieces so she could put her ballet items in it when she went to practice. It didn't need to be one of the large ones just yet as she is only four. For some reason my camera has lost some of it's photos and that was one of them. I'm sure it had something to do with the person holding it at the time they disappeared. I'm not very good with the technical/mechanical things in life but I try. I did however get photos of the bag I just finished for my great niece. Our lil princess...I started to put Diva but wasn't sure she would understand what that meant just yet. You know, one of those 5 year olds that sometimes makes you think you are talking to a little woman at times. So cute and sweet and hands on those hips kinda lil lady!!!  Here are some photos of her pillowcase bag. It's a Christmas gift so shhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Every Princess has to have a castle. One that has a beautiful garden growing up it's towers. I know in the photo it's probably hard to see but the dote over the "i" in Princess is a tiny sterling silver dragonfly. Now what castle wouldn't have a dragon flying near by...even if just a small tiny one.  Her handsome Prince, well not so fast there..she is only I figured she could just enjoy the frog for now. He will entertain her with his balancing act on the big ole ball. Fairy godmother is close by though with her magic wand for when our lil Princess has outgrown the frog. (Poor dear....should I tell her that most of them stay "frogs" even after fairy godmother does her thing...LOL...sorry my male followers...I just couldn't resist)

I hope you enjoyed looking and thank you for dropping by. If anyone would be interested in making one of these very simple bags just drop me a note and I will email you some directions. They are great for girls or boys. Matter of fact, I've already started designing one for my three year old great nephew. You will have to check back later to see how it turns out. Until then,



  1. I bet she loves it!

    My muse went into hibernation. LOL

    Swinging by from SITS!

  2. Awww thanks Heather and please borrow my muse for a bit...LOL!!!!

    Happy SITS Tuesday!!!! Hugs, Regi

  3. Regi, I think you & I are kindred spirits! My studio is a mess, a total mess. Just when I get the whim to clean & organize, I start yet another project. Oh well.

  4. Ohhh Colleen we are definately kindred spirits...I do the same thing..but at least I did find the floor before I started my newest project..LOL!!!!

    Thank you so much for stopping in. Hugs!!!

  5. I know what you mean about your studio space. I get overwhelmed by the mess I make, but get so into my projects I can't stop to clean!! Glad you found the carpet again!!

    Super cute bag!

  6. projects are important! that looks like a fun one. thanks for visiting me on my SITS day, it meant a lot to me ;)

  7. That is so pretty! She will love it!

  8. Always happy to visit one of my SITStas!!! I haven't had a chance to read all your blog but please know that I am going far..I LOVE it!!!

    Debbie..I'm happy I found it I found some beads I had dropped and some ribbon and ohh so many lost treasures. ^_^

    Thank you Lynda...I hope she will...her mom already said she might use it..I told her that I would have to do another one that said "DIVA" then...hehehe!!!

    Happy Wednesday to all and Hugs galore!!! Regi