Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jewelry pieces

I have to admit that I am a true gypsy at heart....gypsy..hippie..bohemien...all mixed together and that's a good thing. I have been making hemp jewelry for a very, very, very long time and to this day still enjoy making pieces using it. Such a simple piece of rope that can make some enchanting and beautiful jewelry.

I have nieces and they have all come to expect at Christmas time to get a handmade gift from their quirky but loving Aunt. This year it is my jewelry. Matter of fact, I noticed while we were visiting my sister at the beach that a good bit of the young male population were wearing the hemp chokers and bracelets. So nice to see times going back a bit. I guess we all have a bit of gypsy in our souls no matter what our age. So my nephews might just be getting hemp pieces too. Without all the frufru on them, of course!!!!

The first two photos in this post are the Steampunk pieces I made for two of my nieces. For those that don't know what "Steampunk" is....the best way I can describe it is, 18th century meets 20th century. Taking old silver pieces, watch pieces and putting them with modern day pieces. For these I made the bottom medallion pieces out of clay...then added the sterling silver wings and charms. Some old watch and type writer pieces, antique crystal glass beads, some hemp rope and an original piece was made.  My nieces get their gifts early because we go down for Thanksgiving. I think I get more excited about seeing their expressions at opeing the gifts than they do about getting them. They LOVED them and that made me quite happy. They really liked the bracelets and wanted to learn how to make some of their own. I became a teacher...and have to admit that I had some fantastic students. It turned out to be a full sister, my two oldest nieces and even my brother in law. read that right, even my brother in law sat and learned how. It was fun to do something together...especially at a time when we are suppose to remember all our blessings and enjoy our families.  Memories were made and one that will be cherished in MY heart for a long time.

The photo below is the set that I just finished for another of my nieces. I used hemp rope, sea glass beads (blue and green), sterling silver spacers and a polished piece of sea glass left in it's natural state. The bracelet and earrings have the same glass beads.

Once I get started making my hemp jewelry I just can't stop myself. The below photo is a bracelet and earring set made with tiny amethysts stones wrapped in sterling silver wire. This would make a great gift, don't you think?

I wish that everyone would make their gifts to exchange with one another. To me there is nothing more special than getting a gift that was made from the heart by someone's own hands. I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations in this post. Until next post.....



  1. Regi: These are all SO cool! What great gifts.

  2. thank you Brenda...I love making the hemp pieces..only problem is once I get started I don't want to stop...LOL!!!