Saturday, December 19, 2009

Frogs & Lizards and Bears....OH MY!!!!!!!

Frogs & Lizards and Bears...OH sister in law is going to get me...LOL!!!   She is the grandmother of the lil man this gift is for and she so doesn't like outdoor critters...of any kind!!  What lil boy could resist a back pack with all these critters on it? It's big and roomy and could even hold a small Tonka truck or two.  Hey, I just made my first "man" bag. Ok well not really but it is for a lil man, so that should count.

I love buttons and am quite happy that I have been collecting them for umm about a hundred years now. Well, maybe not that long but I do have some old ones. I have had these really neat pearlized ones that I have just been waiting on the right project to use them with. I think they made awesome frog eyes.  The lizard's buggy eyes are bright green beads with a french knot in the middle. I made sure that they were sewed on tight and even gave them the "CHAZ" test. If he couldn't pull them off, I know that Tyler won't be able to.

I'm enjoying making all the children's gifts in the family this year. Most have come to expect a handmade item from their somewhat quirky Aunt. I have a few that look forward to it....or so they tell me!!

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