Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shell jewelry pieces for (fingers crossed) Tacky Jack's gift shop.

School is out and all the traffic has begun....hehe  That's alright though because we love our visitors that come to enjoy our beaches. Such a boost to our economy this time of year....everyone shopping while on vacation.

You already know that I have some pieces at Beach Reflections in Gulf Shores and (fingers crossed) I'm hopefully going to have some pieces at one of the Tacky Jack's gift shops here. I have been contacted by one of their buyers twice and I'm hoping she will like the selection I have made so far. Boy oh Boy have I been one busy bee. ^_^

Love the glass vials with the beach sand. Perfect keepsake to give or to get. You may not be able to keep your toes in the sand all the time but you can at least keep some close to your heart.

Some of my shell designs. I added more to these in the form of beads, natural stones and vintage jewelry pieces.

Can't forget the earrings...they like to be dressed up too, eh? I'm working on some more earrings using auger shells. Ya know....the shells that look like unicorn horns. Well...they do to me but then we all know what kind of VERY overactive imagination I have. Now....back to work!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs, (and keep those fingers crossed for me..ppplease)


  1. Your jewelry is beautiful. I hope to see it in person the next time I'm at Tacky Jacks!

  2. Every thing looks so pretty and oceanie LOL You should have no trouble selling your beautiful jewelry