Monday, November 23, 2009

Black leather and fur

My last Santa is completed that is heading to the Harrison Brothers Musuem Gift Shop. He turned out to be a mighty fine gentleman. I don't know what it is about me and songs and sculpting these days...this one is called Black Leather and Fur but the whole time I was sculpting I was humming Stevie Nicks song "Leather and Lace". Which is probably what inspired me to put a antique lace collar on him which I just now realized no one else can see because of all the fur. That's alright though, I know it's there.

In doing this piece I certainly found a deep respect for the 18th century shoemaker or any shoemaker that made our shoes by hand. Santa is wearing a pair of hand made soft leather boots. I think I worked on those longer than anything else with this ooaks. It was well worth all the time and effort and stuck fingers and knuckles and chin. Yes, I said's hard pulling a needle through leather and when ya have to give it a good hard yank...well...I learned you had better remember which direction the needle is pointed in. No worries, my chin is fine...maybe next time I should wear a safety face shield!!!

Santa has his bag stuffed full of toys. I have always imagined his bag being like the one Mary Poppins had. Open it up...not a big bag either and keep pulling toys of all sizes and shapes out...the never ending goody bag. Wooooo, wonder if I could ask for one of those for Christmas?

For this special delivery Santa has a wooden rocking horse and a set of paint so the child can have a horse of many colors when they are finished. A trumpet...a soccer ball....wooden blocks...a special book...some candy and of course a few surprise gifts. WATCH might just be a Jack in the Box when you open it. Those elves love a good jump and giggle!!!!

Santa stands 12 inches from his base to the top of his head. He has a strong wire armature covered in a soft body. His face, hands and feet were sculpted from Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. His face and hand details were painted using acrylic paints. His hair and beard are lambswool. His cape is made from a soft leather fabric lined with black faux fur. His outfit is made from a vintage piece of fabric and the cuffs of his sleeves and pants are detailed with the same faux fur. His shirt collar is a antique hand crocheted piece. His clothes can not be removed...if you gently lift his beard you can see part of the collar. His belt is made from the same vintage fabric and embellished with gold sequins and glass seed beads. His boots are hand made from a soft black leather and have a silver buckle on the outside of each. Santa is holding two stuffed Ted E Bears....a drum and a antique Christmas book (which on the back page I have signed for you). His bag strings are beaded with three antique crystal  beads. His base is pine that has been stained green and then the top covered in my snow mixture. The bottom has a piece of the soft leather from his coat attached so as not to scratch any furniture.

I have so many other Santa ooaks just waiting to be brought out into the world but they will have to wait a week or so. As always, thank you for looking...check back often and until the next time.....