Saturday, November 7, 2009

WARNING....This post contains brief Nudity!!!

GOTCHA....made ya look didn't I?  I'm the quiet and shy type but I do have my days. Hehehe!!!    I'm devoting my studio time to Mrs. Claus this weekend. She is coming along very nicely. The first photo is  Mrs. C modeling her thermal "bloomers", which no self respecting North Poler should be without. Let's keep it a secret from the jolly ole man that she was just wearing her slip top for this photo shoot.

Here she is in her silken blouse, adorned with a crochet collar and tiny silver heart broach. I have had this vintage striped fabric for some time and have just been wanting for the right time to sew with it. I think it made a beautiful skirt for Mrs. C. I still have more to add to her outfit and am presently working on those.

I'm really getting very anxious to see just how this piece is going to turn out. As artist, we always have a picture in our heads...that gets put to several drawings and then when we start to work on it, it magically takes on a mind of it's very own. Replacing some of the design ideas we had and putting something different in it's place.

Hugs, Regi


  1. Mrs. Claus is coming along very nicely. And yes, our art has a mind of its own - I think it comes through us, not to us, and we are merely the vehicle to give it life.

  2. Well said Brenda and I so agree...ummmm can I use that sometimes?? ^_^ Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting. Your a great friend!!!

  3. Cute and witty post! Of course you know the saying "Sex Sells" Its like when men say about "Playboy", I just buy it for the articles... Yeah right says Hughie boy... Great "WIP" shots Looking forward to the finished product.

    We had our first snowfall. so we are getting into the spirit. "Santa needs Snow" (pic on the blog)


  4. LOL..glad my title got your attention!!! Thank you...I'm really having fun with this one. Chaz and I saw the awesome. We don't get very much of the white stuff here..thank you for sharing pics so we could see.

  5. Aw...she's looking so sweet. I think she's loving what you are doing with her! Looks mighty happy!!!