Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WIP on Santa and Mrs. Claus

Santa's got some brand new shoes...LOL!! I enjoy making the costumes almost as much as the sculpts themselves. Keyword being "ALMOST".  It's  really nice when I can make something that  makes the piece seem more believeable and what better than a pair of soft suede leather house shoes. Of course, he has to have his scrunchy socks to go with them.

Mrs. Claus is coming along quiet nicely. Her thick, curly hair is all done and in place. I'm debating on whether to put her cap on that I made for her or just let her hair show. Decisions, decisions....LOL!!!! 

I have plenty to do in my studio today. I think Santa and Mrs. Claus will just have to "hang around" and watch. I sculpted several weebie ornaments yesterday and need to get them painted. I put hangers on these so they can be used as Christmas ornaments well as desk/computer sitters.  I did a tiger's head and an elephant head as ornaments and after Chaz saw them he came up with a really great idea for a Christmas table top tree.  He said that I should do a Noah's Ark tree.....make all the animals and Noah and do a dove for the tree topper. I'm so blessed to have this young one in my life. Equally as blessed that he sees things the way I do.....he reaches far past what the human eye sees and looks at what things could be.



  1. I adore the slippers!! Mrs Claus has the perfect face, can't wait to see them finished! xx

  2. Thank you Roz...I'm having fun with this one.