Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Memories from Christmas Past....

I can remember going to see my Grandparents at Christmas time and my Grandmother always having that wonderful Christmas candy sitting on the coffee table in her special glass bowl. All the beautiful colors....reds, greens, yellows and a combination of all three mixed together. The kind shaped like strawberries or had the design of a pineapple on them. My all time favorite was the ribbon candy. Ohhhhh, it was so good!!!!!

This Ted E. was designed with that particular Christmas memory in mind. He has his supply of ribbon candy and you might get him to share at least one piece. Just be wary if he should let out a low growl...that means, "Not today, it's all MINE".

He is a fully sculpted ornament made from Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. He has been hand rubbed with acrylic paints to give him that old look. His eyes are seed beads. His collar is a white ribbon trimmed in silver. The candy ribbon is also made from clay. His base has been treated with my famous snow mixture. He has a gold wire hanger that has been shaped and has tiny frosted beads attached. He can also be a desk sitter if you detach the hanger. (as can all my weebie ornaments)

Remember when all you wanted for Christmas was a puppy. A Puppy to call your very own. It didn't matter if  it might chew up your favorite shoe or make a mess every now and then until he could be potty trained. You just wanted to wake up Christmas morn and find that cute lil fella sitting there waiting on you.

Santa found a surprise sitting in his hat the other morning before going to the shop to oversee the making of the toys. Santa loves all creatures, great or small and this fella was loving him back. Puppy kisses and puppy breath. What a memory!!!

Santa and puppy are fully sculpted out of Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. Both are hand rubbed with acrylic paints. Santa's eyes are hand painted and puppy's are seed beads. Santa's suit has been sealed with a glitter paint. Puppy's chew toy is also made from clay and hand painted. The base has been treated with my snow mixture. Santa has a twisted gold wire hanger with a jingle bell attached.

Now most folks at Christmas and winter time, think snow. However, there is another white substance that can be played in. All year round too, not just winter time and Santa loves to play in it. It's the white sand found at our lovely Alabama beaches. Well, ok ok most beaches have beautiful white sand but ours is the BEST!!!

Santa and his crew took a day to go visit the beach. Fun in the sun, relaxing listening to the ocean waves break on the shore and OH MY what the elves had in store for the biggest elf of all. Santa was buried in the sand. His belly wouldn't stay covered from all the laughter and giggles. I think just for this day his name should be Sandy Claus...HOHOHO!!!!!!

Santa is fully sculpted using Sculpey clay and without the use of any molds. He has been hand rubbed with acrylic paints. The sand is made from my snow mixture and then covered in german glass and bright white glitter. The star fish is also made from clay. The three tiny shells are real shells. He hangs from one of my twisted gold hangers with clear glass beads attached. He looks really cute detached from the hanger and just sitting on the desk.

I am presently working on a few more ornaments. I do plan, if time permits, before I head up to the musuem to sculpt another Santa. Anyone that lives in the Huntsville, Alabama area should really go visit the Harrison Hardware Musuem. It is a fantastic place to find hidden treasures and one of kind gifts made by local, Alabama artist.

As always, thank you for looking and until next time......



  1. the cookie makes me hungry. nice ornaments

  2. Thank you....but which one is the cookie? LOL

  3. They are all so cute! You are very imaginative!!