Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Santa is complete...

Santa is all dressed and I think he turned out even better than I had originally designed. Santa stands at 11 1/2" tall. His pants and vest are made from a vintage wool blend fabric. The pants and vest are both trimmed in a multi-colored jute cord that matches the wool. His shirt under his vest is made from thermal material. Santa has to keep warm to ya know!!!  Santa is made with a strong wire armature covered in a soft body. His face, hands and feet are sculpted out of Prosculpt clay with out the use of any molds. His face and hands were painted using acrylic paints. I don't know if you can see it in the photos but I always add a tiny fleck of glitter to give him that "twinkle" in his eyes upon completion of painting them. His feet are covered in actual tiny socks and handmade soft suede leather house shoes. Tiny glass seed beads adorn the flap of the shoes. His beard and hair are lambswool (sheared only). His glasses are handmade using 20 guage gold wire.

Santa and Mrs. Claus make the perfect couple. I have enjoyed doing a piece that has included both of them. I am presently working on the stool that I plan on having Santa sit upon. Mrs. Claus will be standing beside him. The more I look at them standing next to one another though while I work on the stool... hummmm....the more I like that pose. I think I hear my muse "singing" to me...another Santa and Mrs. Claus ooaks in the near future.

I can just see a "real" couple posing for this photo. To have lived happily together for as many years as Santa and Mrs. Claus would be a true "gift".

This piece has come along way since the beginning. It amazes even me, the artist, how different a piece looks once it is completed. This one still isn't totally completed but I hope to have it done by this time torrow, so check back same time...same blog!!!

Thank you for looking. I LOVE all my faithful followers and appreciate even the passerbyer that stops to look. Until the next post....



  1. What a charming looking couple! Nice job on these lovebirds, Regi! Looking forward to your next piece.


  2. Thanks Lori...I'm thinking maybe Santa at his desk going over the Naughty and Nice lists ^_^