Monday, November 9, 2009

Mrs. Claus is Complete...

There isn't anything like the wonderful aroma a fresh baked pie can fill a home with. Let it be a spiced pumpkin  pie and the "Oh me.....oh my......sure do love pie" song can be heard being hummed until that first slice is cut. Mrs. Claus is famous for her spiced pumpkin pies and if you just happen to be visiting the day she bakes one, then get ready for a belly and heart filled time.

Mrs. Claus stands at 10" tall. She has a strong wire armature and soft body. Her face, hands and shoes were sculpted using Prosculpt clay and then painted using acrylice paints. Her outfit is one of my designs and hand sewn. It is not removeable. Her spice pumpkin pie is made from Prosculpt and then painted using acrylic paints. The band around the pie plate was painted using fine MICA powders. (these powders give the look of metal or a shiney effect) Her dish towel she is using to hold the fresh baked pie is hand sewn as well. This is not has been permanently attached.

Mrs. Claus really turned out well. I enjoy costuming my pieces and spend probably more time on making them as I do the sculpt itself. Her apron is a sheer dark blue and really brought out the dark blue lines in the striped skirt fabric. Look closely and you can see her wedding band. There is a tiny crystal for the diamond.

She looks just as beautiful from behind. Don't you think? I decided not to use the cap that I made for her. It just didn't seem to go with this particular sculpt. I think I will keep it and use it on one in the future. Maybe one with "mother and I...taking a long winter's nap".

I have started on Santa. His wire armature is complete and I'm getting ready to "fatten" him up. As soon as I get a bit further along with him I will post a WIP.  I also have all the wooden pieces glued together to make his stool he will be sitting upon. I have a beautiful deep burgandy fabric I'm going to be covering it in. So let me end this post and get back to working on the jolly old man.



  1. She is fantastic and well worth the wait ;o)

  2. Awww thanks Roz....Santa is getting his clothes today!!! ^_^

  3. OMG! The details are outstanding. I LOVE the wedding ring...Santa's one very lucky man!