Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The end of a good day....

Today was a very good day all around. My studio time was well spent and so much was accomplished. If you have been reading my post then you know that I made more of the weebies...ornaments this time. Also, Santa got his beard, hair and glasses completed today....that made Mrs.Claus very happy. I think she was getting tired of not seeing her jolly ole elf as well, himself. I'm hoping tomorrow will be spent putting this piece all together.

While working in my studio today, I heard that little voice chirp "You've got mail" and much to my surprise it was from a friend that I have been talking to online for about two years now. She has been such a wonderful friend, always there to listen and give some wonderful advice. She wrote that she was going to be coming to Tallassee today to speak at one of the churches and wanted us to meet. I was so excited. This friend is one of the strongest Christian women I know. She doesn't boast that she is....she doesn't have to.....her faith and how she lives tells you....her joy and her love for others speak with a heart so full that you know she is acting on HIS behalf and her "stories" all her wonderful stories, tell you that she lives for Christ.  Her name is Jackie Orvatez and she finally put all those wonderful stories in a book. "Jesus, A Yankee, A Rebel and a Harley".   I think now that my studio work is done for the day....the house is quiet and's a good time to go read. Sweet dreams, Regi


  1. Santa thanks you...but YOU get to deal with Mrs. Claus...LOL!!!