Monday, November 23, 2009

Ooaks going to the Musuem Gift Shop

We are all so excited about our new adventure. We = me, the Chazman and the ooaks. So many hours have been spent bringing these characters out into the world and they are finally going to be able to reach out in it.
Harrison Brothers in Huntsville, Alabama....HERE WE COME!!!!

Here are the ones that are making the first trip. If all goes well then more will be added all through out the year. Those will include some of my Animal the Rabbits and the Bears. My faery series will make an appearance later on as well. I'm not going to tell right now about all of if you are ever in the Huntsville, Alabama area go take a stroll down South Side Square and you will find us there. Ask for the Southern Ooaks collection.

Of course my weebies are coming along too. They even have a tree of their very own for them to hang around on while visiting there. Excitement...excitement so much excitement in the air. Please forgive if this is the last post for a week but we are going to be busy busy. Trips time being spent with family. I hope that you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you in another country, I hope that your day is a special one as well.  As always, thank you for looking...remember to check back often and until time next....



  1. Congrats. It is so nice to see hard work rewarded!

  2. So many.
    I love the Santa.
    He is beatiful.
    The others to

  3. Thank you both so much. I have been making dolls and sculpts for a very long time..always giving them's so nice to maybe make a small income from them now. Hugs to you both!

  4. Congrats, Regina! Hope you do really well with them. Income is always nice! Happy Thanksgiving!