Monday, November 16, 2009

Rocket Man....HOHOHO!!!!

Santa in his flying machine...HOHOHO!!!  I had that song by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Rocket Man, in my head the whole time I was doing this ornament. As you can see, Ted E Bear had to poke his head out of the bag just to see what was going on. Of rocket can stay airborne without the proper amount of flames coming out the tail end. This weebie is a full sculpt using Sculpey clay designed without the use of any molds. Santa is adorned with fur around his hat and jacket sleeves. The entire piece has been dry brushed with acrylic paints and then sealed with a sparkle paint to give it that old world look.

Lil Quin decided that he had had enough with trying to put up the lights. It was dessert time and what better one to have than snowcones. Quin loves his snowcones...he even made a few extra if you would like to join him. Quin is fully sculpted out of Sculpey clay and designed without the use of any molds. He is hand rubbed with acrylic paints. His eyes are seed beads. His base is covered in a snow mixture and then coated with german glass. His snowcones have been treated with the same mixture.

I just love these lil bears. I am a Bear collector and always have several in my own decorations. This lil guy is bringing home a Christmas wreath for his den. Ted E. is sculpted out of Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. He is hand rubbed with acrylic paints. His eyes are seed beads and his collar is a burgandy ribbon with gold metallic thread running through it. His base has been snow treated as most of my weebie ornaments.

Ted E was tired after his tromp through the woods to find his Christmas wreath. Here he is with his warm fuzzy bunny slippers on and his favorite blankie. This Ted E. is a full sculpt made from Sculpey clay and then hand rubbed with acrylic paints. His bunny slippers and blankie are also made from clay and then hand painted using acrylic paints. His eyes are seed beads. His cap is clay with tiny jingle bells sewn on to it. His base is the same snow mixture as all the others.

I am in the process of making more ornaments as well as a few smaller Santa sculpts. These are all going to the Harrison Hardware Musuem gift shop in Huntsville, Alabama. If you are interested in one before I take them up, please email me and let me know. Chaz and I are planning a day trip on the 24th to deliver them.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to look and for those of you that post comments, well, it just warms my heart. Until next time.....


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