Friday, November 13, 2009

New Weebies...

It's so exciting when an artist, well this artist, sells one of their sculpts. Do you know what the first thing we do after the sell? Make a bee line straight for the nearest craft store and stock up..Michael's, here I come.  Of course, I don't do it everytime but it's nice to go and look and see all the wonderful items just waiting to be purchased...BY ME!!!  My hubby was so sweet and took us to town last night, yes, to Michael's. He is good to send on a mission. I just tell him what I'm looking for and off he goes....Chaz trailing right behind him. I do mean "trail" because less face it..he is his mommie's son....he loves to look at supplies...each and every isle. Makes for quite the adventure really. Anyways, I can trail off on a tangent very easily...please forgive. Joseph found a ribbon that looked like the Houndstooth for Alabama and being a HUGE Bama fan it didn't take him long to spot it. It made the perfect collar for the Elephant ornament. This one was special ordered but if you like him I can make another.

I had a request to make some of my weebie Christmas ornaments. Last night I sat down and started designing. Meet Mobie...he is a young snowman and loves to play. See that big grin...those little arms spread out for a happy greeting but be cautious because he loves to throw snowballs. This snowie could have snowball fights all winter long and never tire of the game. His grin and out stretched arms are misleading....he is telling one of the children "Ohhhh come play...I only have few snowballs left".
Of course, you can see that he has a stock pile of them, ready for play.  Mobie is a full sculpt using Sculpey clay and was made without the use of any molds. His body has been dusted with a fine MICA powder to give him that snowy glow look. His nose is a clay carrot and his eyes and buttons are seed beads. His hanging wire (which can be removed to make him a desk sitter) is curled and has a purple glass bead. His hat is made from felt and his scarf is made from chenile. His base and snow arsenal are also made from clay. The base and part of Mobie are covered in german glass to give them the fresh snow look.

This lil fella is one of the penquins that I do. I LOVE penguins...they are such simple creatures but can have the biggest personalities. Quin is trying his best to help decorate with lights. I don't think he is having to much luck with the tangled mess he has made. Quin is also a fully sculpted ornament and is made from Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. He is handpainted using acrylic paints. His base has been treated the same as Mobie's with the german glass. His eyes are seed beads. His lights are tiny plastic replicas. He hangs from a twisted gold wire with one of the Christmas lights attached. His hanger can also be removed to make him a desk sitter.

If you would be intetered in ordering one of the weebies, just leave a comment with your email addy or send me an email with the word weebies in the reference line. As always, thank you for looking and check back as more weebies will be added.


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