Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Presenting Santa and Mrs. Claus...BUT WAIT, I see another character......

Santa is sitting on his favorite antique parlor stool, reading his paper and suddenly he smells what he has been waiting on since his trip to the pumpkin patch. Mrs. Claus brings in her first baked pie of the season. Ohhh, the wonderful pumpkin spice aroma feels the home with all the memories of past, present and future seasons. Santa puts his paper down, gives the Mrs. a big hug and grin and  "POOF" a bright of the elves snaps a photo of him and Mrs. Claus. A photo to place in their scrapbook. Such simple things make such wonderful memories.
While looking at this piece from all angles I decided that the tiny spot, right there, behind Santa's stool needed something. I'm working on one of my needle felted creatures and I think she will just fit purrrfect there. Can you guess what she is??
I'm very proud of this ooaks. It turned out even better than I had imagined it would...and that's a GOOOD thing. From this ooaks came an image of another. One of Santa and Mrs. dressed in traditional Christmas clothing or perhaps them dressed in fine leather capes and taking a sleigh ride one winter's afternoon.
This piece is for up for adoption. If you are interested please contact me and I will get back to you. However, I am taking it up to the Harrison Hardware Musuem gift shop on the 24th at which time it will have to be purchased through them. I'm very excited to have been accepted into this wonderful that lets you discover some of Alabama's history and past. I'm equally excited to get my wee ones up there and out where the public can see them and enjoy them. Even if it is for a bring back a memory lost or forgotten..these ooaks need to spread their wings.  Hugs, Regi

Price: $225 plus Travel Fare

Note: This ooaks is back at home and up for adoption. Their journey to the Harrison Hardware Museum was so exciting over the holidays.

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