Monday, November 2, 2009

Lil Running Bear, Ted E Pilgrim and Tom B Turkey are complete..

Chaz is happy with our Bear decorations. Presenting LiL Running Bear as the Indian chief, Ted E. Bear as the Pilgrim and Tom B as the big fat juicey turkey....LOL...those are Chazman's words. I had fun making the costumes for them.

Lil Running Bear has a full headdress of beads, pearls and real feathers. His shirt is soft leather and he has a real Bear's tooth hanging around his neck. Ted E. Bear has a felt jacket with a cotton collar and silk bow. His hat is felt and the buckle on it and his belt are silver.

Tom B is a chubby lil fellow and made the perfect turkey, don't you think? His beak, gobbler and part of his tail is made from felt. His tail also is made from real feathers. Now you see where LiL Running Bear got his for his headdress....LOL!!!

I just love this time of year. All the fun decorating we get to do back to back. I'm so blessed to get to see it again thru the eyes of a young child . He reminds me of things I had forgotten and shows me things I have never seen....or at least not the way he sees them. Like I have said in a few of my post....he has the quirkiness of his mom and the true artist eye!!!

Tomorrow will continue my work on the Mr and Mrs Claus piece. I did start on a pair of real leather house shoes for Santa. Hope they turn out as I designed them....nothing dramatic or difficult but leather isn't the easiest material to sew on. Might be almost as "sticky" as my needle felting....LOL!!!



  1. How cute! And so artsy! You have a wonderful imagination.

  2. Thank you...sometimes it's a bit of an OVER active imagination ^_^