Monday, September 10, 2012

Agate Stone and Clay Turtle Charm

Yesterday I posted about making clay molds to make clay charms. They are turning out AWWWESOME!! I have never made molds before and I'm sure there is some technical way of doing it better than I am BUT it's working for me and that's what counts. I never use molds for my character ooaks and never will but I think making molds for charms is a smart idea. Each piece of jewelry will be different but I might want to use some of the same charms on them. That is alright, isn't it?

I have been sorting out beads today....I kinda turned my bead box over in the desk drawer. Thank goodness it was in the drawer and not on the floor or I would be picking up beads forever more. HA...that rhymed!!

Once I got most sorted out I decided to make a bracelet using my memory wire and of course, one of my clay charms. I loved the turquoise turtle beads so much that I made a mold of one so I could make a charm.

I love how it turned out. See the little turtle...cute...ri iight? The bracelet has two shades of glass green beads and two agate stones along with a faux pearl. I couldn't just stop at the bracelet so I made a pair of earrings to match.

I also made some more charms today but you will get to see them as I use them. I haven't painted them yet as I want to wait and have them match what beads I use. I also made three mermaid tail charms...made these smaller than I normally do and I will put these on a silk and hemp rope ribbon necklace. (photos tomorrow)

Hope YOU are having a fantastic Monday. Thank you for stopping by today. I love your visits and *HINT* comments.

Until next time.......HUGS,


  1. Your bracelet turned out so cute! And I think making charms from a mold is a great idea. Beautiful colors in this set. :) xox