Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mermaids and Faeries dancing about

It's been a morning of mermaids and faeries dancing about....in my head...that is. ^_^  I do believe that I have been blessed with several quirky souls....my mermaid one, my faerie one, my Bohemian one and my gypsy one. I love when they want to come out and BOY have they ever been here lately.  I have designed three mermaid pieces and one faerie piece....so far!!!

Remember I told ya'll yesterday that I had made some of my mermaid tail charms but smaller and I would show them to you today? Well...I'm showing them to you. HeHe!!  I love the colors purple and green together. Kinda reminds ya of Mardi Gras. The glass beads add a touch of style to this memory keepsake necklace along with the tiny vial filled with sand from our beach as well as a tiny little shell. A sterling silver starfish charm finishes it off. It's hanging from a ribbon and hemp 18 inch necklace. (there is a 2 inch extension chain attached as well) So you can judge the size of this piece...the glass vial is only an inch tall.

Here's another one but in green and blue. Another favorite color combination that just brings the sea to mind. Tiny blue and green glass beads, vial filled with sand and a shell and a sterling silver star fish make this piece one any mermaid would love to wear. Of course, it would look simply MARVELOUS on you too.

Last but not least is a bright beautiful yellow mermaid tail charm. Sometimes photos just don't capture details very well. The fin part of this one is covered in German glass and just shimmers when the sun hits it. It has tiny green glass beads along with tiny Swarovski crystals. Of course, it has the keepsake vial too.

My muse started whispering that I was not letting my faerie soul come out and play and she had something she wanted me to make. I found these beauties at an estate sale some time back. Vintage Swarovski crystals that when the light reflects off of them you have a beautiful rainbow effect.  I added some glass and silver beads along with silver dragonfly charms....What says "faerie" any better!!

Now I'm off to work on a cuff bracelet....or perhaps start another Santa...or...OHHH so many things being bounced around in my head. So much fun to have such a vivid imagination!!

Until next time......Hugs,

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