Monday, September 24, 2012

Amazing Weekend..for reals!!!

I hope that YOU had at least half as a good of a weekend as we did. I mean if you did then you had one amazing weekend...for reals!!

Ours started out with one of our treasure hunting adventures Saturday morning and treasures we did find!! It's awesome that the Hubbikins and the Chazman both keep an eye out for items that I can use with my ooaks. (one of a kind sculpts)  We went to the Robin's Nest and found a few items that I can most definitely use. (thank you Hubbikins and Chazman) If you live in the area or are planning a trip down to the beach then you really should check this cute little thrifty chic Boutique out. It's located at 15885 B Highway 59, Foley, AL. The proprietor, Robin Ellis, really has some of the cutest items and all of them are true treasures. Here..just look for yourself.

Cute...ri iight? I told ya so. She has the building next door too and all along the outside are units just filled with all kinds of things. Some you have to go through carefully or you might just miss a treasure. That's where we find the things for my ooaks. I love to wander through the inside many pretties!! Oh..OHH.. OHHH...the weekend of Thanksgiving Robin is going to have her Christmas open  house and some of my ooaks will be visiting. Just thought I might mention that little tid bit of information. ^_^  I hope you will make some time to stop by and visit.

Here are the goodies we found at the nest plus some we found just out and about. The burgundy linens, the tiny baskets and the amazing trunk are our nest finds. It seems that this was the weekend to find bases for the ooaks too. Bases I so needed!!

Isn't the trunk a beauty? I love that it is covered in leather. It's going to make a great prop for Santa or elves or antique toys or perhaps all three. ^_^

Saturday was also the Hubbikins and my 11th year anniversary!! Time sure has flown hard to believe it's been 11 years already. He surprised us by taking us to eat at a new place....Felix's Fish Camp. Yes..I said US....the Chazman goes where we go...always!! I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most...HA!! I think it was the was...all three of us. The place sits on the Mobile Bay and our table looked out over it....perfect dining view. The lights on the bridge going over the bay was just far enough away that it looked magical. The people there are AWESOME.....everyone smiling and our waiter was the BEST!! The food was AHHHHmazing!! They even gave us a certificate for free dessert the next time we go plus 10% off.  My birthday is next month...Honey...are you reading this? Hint hint..hehe!!

Sunday we decided to go on one of our beach walkabouts. We LOVE living so close to the just recharges us to be near her. Getting to sit on her shore and listen to the song of her waves hitting the shore. I'm sure I have said that before....not rubbing it in...just stating facts..hehe.  The water was crystal clear and I mean crystal!! The Chazman and I love to walk out and just let the waves lift us up and with the water being so clear we saw that we weren't the only ones enjoying the water. There must have been hundreds of fish swimming with us. Each time the small waves would come you could look and see even more fish coming in to enjoy the water. They would bump into us or swim in between our legs and that caused us both to start giggling. Soon though, those giggles turned into a AHHHH of pure delight because not even eight feet from us a devil ray jumped out of the water. Seems he was enjoying all the fish too.

This is not a photo I took but one I googled so you could see just what a devil ray coming out of the waves looks like. Can you picture this guy about eight feet from you? Scary but oh so thrilling at the same time. We saw him several more times during the day and each time was just as thrilling as the first time. He wasn't the only creature enjoying the overflowing of fish either. The dolphins were having a blast!! They were far off from us but close enough for us to watch....clap...and giggle our enjoyment. My little camera will not take far off shots worth a toot but one of our local photographers, Michelle Stancil, was blessed to have caught some of these comical characters playing Saturday morning. Michelle definitely has "the eye" as she gets some amazing shots of our area.

I could sit and watch these guys all day long. Thank you Michelle for letting me use your amazing shots. ^_^

It was a perfect skies...crystal clear water.....comical and amazing creatures galore and time spent together as a family. The Chazman and I walked the shore to find shells and you wouldn't believe what else we found. Can you guess? Ohh alright, I will tell you....a butterfly. I kid ya not....they were EVERYWHERE yesterday flying around. This little guy had flown to close to the waves and apparently gotten caught. He wasn't alive and I just couldn't leave him there now could I? Besides, my muse started singing about faerie wings.

Now...see what I meant about if your weekend was half as good. It was a super fabtabulous one here and I am so thankful and blessed.

Until  next time.............HUGS,


  1. So glad you had a wonderful weekend. I love the trunck you found. Awesome. Happy 11th too. Mike and I will be celebrating 31 years Oct 3. Talk about time flying.
    crossed fingers

  2. How wonderful, your love of the ocean showed through so much, I could almost taste the sea air and feel the spray on my face. Happy Anniversary, belatedly, but what the heck, lol. How's your arm?