Saturday, September 8, 2012

HOHOHO...It's Santa Claus!!

FINALLY....I finished the Santa piece I have been working on for over a week. I normally get them completed in about 3 days but I really shouldn't complain because I did stop and work on a few other things here and there. ^_^

If you have been visiting then you know that my mermaid soul has been peeking out in some jewelry pieces I have been designing in between working on this Santa. Soooo..before I show you how Santa turned out let me show you one other of the mermaid pieces I haven't shown you yet.

This is a keepsake piece. The tiny little vial holds some of our beautiful white sand along with two tiny shells. Yes...found right on one of our beach walkabouts. The last of my turquoise turtles (sad face) was used to represent that these little guys actually hatch right here on our beach. I thought it needed something else so it wouldn't look so plain. I think the sterling silver starfish did just the trick. (I made two of these and sold one already...dang I wish I had more turtles..hehe)

Now...last but definitely not is my newest jolly ole elf himself.....SANTA!!! Such a handsome fella.

Santa stands at 11 1/2 inches. In one hand he is carrying his bag full of toys for all the GOOD girls and boys. (Have YOU been good this year...HA!!) Peeking out is a teddy bear with two tiny candy canes. Noo, you can't eat them...they aren't real!! A bright red drum for that little drummer boy or girl. (all kiddos love to make noise, ri iight?) Also in his bag is a set of wooden building blocks that mysteriously spell out PIE.
Hmmmm, wonder if that is a hint that Santa wants pie this year instead of cookies. ^_^  In the other hand he is holding a cute little stuffed Ted E Bear and a big book (a real book) of the story "The Night Before Christmas".

The Chazman said that he loved him so that means it has been stamped by the Southern Ooaks approval department. ^_^

Now it's on to the next Santa design. My muse has been whispering the words "Merry Halloween and Happy Christmas". She and I must have a conversation about just what in the world she is thinking.

Until next time.........HUGS,


  1. You did GREAT! Look at all those little trinkets!


  2. OMG!!!!! he turned out so awesome!!! I mean this is one of your best!!!

  3. I knew he would be a very handsome Santa when I first saw the WIP pics. He turned out even better than expected! He is magnificent.