Thursday, September 6, 2012

My mermaid soul is coming out!!

I love living by the ocean and receiving all the inspiration she can whisper to me. There isn't anywhere else that I would ever want to live. So many creatures call this place home as well and one that we share the beach with and that has always fascinated me is the sea turtle. May through October is a time when you might just get the chance to see hundreds of momma sea turtles coming to nest. (I would love to witness just one...I'm not greedy) Thousands of tiny baby hatchlings take their first steps...right here...on our sandy beaches. They have a great group of caring folks that help these little guys and I'm hoping that once I have a vehicle that I can volunteer too. (check out their site HERE) Until then though, I think my love of the turtle is what brought out my mermaid soul to design some pieces that would celebrate these awesome creatures.

Two little turtles crawling out to sea..the one in the back said..."HEY...wait up on me".  Cute, ri iight? I am so enjoying making these. Here again are the little turtles made out of turquoise with silver and glass spacers along with a tiny Swarovski crystal.

These little guys just couldn't part with their shells. Fancy smancy shells huh? I have some really pretty and unique Turkish charms and have been saving them and I'm so glad that I did. Perfect for these earrings.
These have already sold to...YEA....thank you Beth ^_^

I have two more little turtle beads and I'm thinking of making necklaces with them. My muse is still whispering to me about those though. Have to listen to the MUSE!!! do. She will drive me bonkers if I don't. hehe

Matter of fact she totally wouldn't leave me be until I made the bookmarkers for the library. It was a good thing I was motivated because my book was due back and I was making the trip, sooooo...I hit two birds with one stone. OMGOSH...not that I would EVER throw a stone at a bird.

 Here's one of the bookmarkers. It's my pencil doodle I showed you yesterday. I decided to use my gel pens and I think it turned out rather well. I really love putting the vellum paper over drawings and giving it that watery look. One of my mermaid designs just looks swimmingly with it. Get it..swimmingly...mermaid. HA!!

Here's the other one I did. If you have been visiting with me for awhile then you might recognize this doodle. It's the one I did after the oil spill....Hearts and Hands!! It was just a pencil doodle but I thought it needed a bit of splash of color.  I made eight of each and I so hope that who ever picks one up to use will enjoy it!! muse is not so gently tugging on my ear that it's time to get to work. Hope you have a great day today and that your muse is whispering to YOU!!

Until next time...........HUGS,


  1. Very beautiful all of it. You are a water person aren't you. I am not and that is all that is around me. Your beach is so much better than mine. LOL

  2. WOW!!! Everything is so pretty!! LOVE the earrings and I'm kind of disappointed you've sold them already, lol! I love your work!

  3. The turtle earrings are so adorable!

  4. Lucky you! what an ispiring place