Tuesday, September 18, 2012


OMGOSH....No more having to listen to that song...HA!!! Well...ok I can still hear a very tiny voice singing it (the elf) but it's so low that I can drown  him out by turning up the radio. ^_^    Santa has a body and a sweater. YEA!! I have been working on him all day and it's a mighty S-L-O-W go I must say. (having a few issues with my left arm so I have to take breaks here and there but all's GOOOD...no worries)

In between working on Santa I designed two different pieces of jewelry. One from my Hippie/Gypsy soul and one from my "I have no clue" one..hehe!!

Here's the hippie gypsy one. I have had this turquoise medallion for years and decided that since I didn't wear it that I was going to use it in one of my designs. I really love how this piece turned out.

Here's the "other" one..^_^  We live in an area that has some mighty proud Who Dat fans. You do know who that be...ri iight? HAHA.....the New Orleans Saints of course. I don't really ever use the antique bronze colors but I do believe I might start. Pretty cool huh?

Well, it's almost time to head out and get the Chazman. I'm sure I will work on Santa some more later this afternoon. I will try and get you a WIP photo then. (my batteries are charging...they were charged already...not sure what happened...or perhaps I don't want to know)

Until next time.............Hugs,


  1. Very lovely pieces!!! I think you get better with each one - bravo!

  2. Hey girl love that hippie soul of yours. The jewerly is bEEutiful.
    Crossed fingers