Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love a man in leather!!

WOW..this week is going by fast...matter of fact...time is going by extremely fast these days...EXCEPT that it seems to be taking FOREVER to finish this Santa piece. You're scratchin that noggin about now, ri iight? How can time fly but still go slow Regi? Well...if I knew the answer to that then I would be a genius and that I am soo not!! Haven't you ever worked on a design and it seem to take more time than it should. That's time in slow motion!!

I have been working on his costume and am really letting him ROCK with his velvet pants with beads going down the sides. Santa can be a styling kinda guy.....right down to his genuine leather boots. Gotta luv a man in leather...hehe!! I forgot how hard it is to hand sew leather...WOW. Talk about a work out but I enjoyed changing up from the felt boots I normally make him.

Don't ya just love his suspenders? He is going to be sitting down and with his jelly belly I knew you wouldn't be able to see it BUT he needed something to hold his breechers up. ^_^   Notice that Santa has realized that his head is missing? He is patting where it should be...poor fella.

The first head I made looked really funny on him and my muse wouldn't stop laughing SOOOO I sculpted one that looks just right. I know right now it doesn't look like the Santa we all know and love but just wait until his hair and beard are grown attached. See the little chair in the back? That's the one Santa will be sitting in going over his books of the girls and boys. Which book will YOU be in? The Naughty or Nice one?

Until next time...........Hugs

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