Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Wednesday..Really?? it really Wednesday already? I am enjoying my therapy time so much that I am letting old Father time just wander on by...^_^   Thank goodness he didn't stop and join in with the bellowing singing that has been going on. No worries and no fears (that YOU will have to hear the "gulp" singing) because Santa has his body now. Woot Woot!!

Now I have to work on his cloak and hood. Remember the goodies..treasures...booty...OHH, I can use that...items I found not to long ago. Oh yes you do!! If not then click here to joggle your memory..^_^ you remember!!!  I'm going to use the red/green/white material. I will line the hood with either a red or forest green fabric. I love making these cloaks. My mom and I came up with the pattern a very long time ago, so every time I make one I feel as though she is sitting here with me.

Now I know you must be thinking to yourself " that all you have been doing?" That's what you were thinking, ri iight?? HA....I knew it!! Of course that's not all I have been doing. I know, I know...I normally don't work on more than one thing at a time but I have missed my therapy so much and my muse has been whispering so many ideas that I couldn't wait to start some of them.

I'm working on some of my mermaid jewelry again. I LOVE having a mermaid soul (along with my gypsy, bohemian, quirky, whimsical souls too) Aren't these little guys cute? So tiny...a bit over 1/2 inch but not quite an inch. Yeah, yeah..I'm terrible at measurements. I admit it. I'm an "eye it" kinda gal. These sweet little turtles are made from turquoise. Did you know that turquoise is among the master healing stones? It attracts friendship, luck and happiness and releases shame and guilt. I also used some of my treasured Turkish silver spacers that just added that little bit of sumthin sumthin!!

I worked on some tags to put my jewelry pieces on too. I really like this design and I think it's going to be my standard one from now on. It was originally a birthday card I made for a friend. One of my water color doodles with one of my mermaids painted on vellum and put over the top. Cool effect ^_^  For the jewelry tag I just cut it down a bit and added my design name to it. I added the ribbon and realized that it could be a book marker if you purchase one of my pieces you will be getting an extra item. Good deal!!

Making my design tags made me want to work on a book marker design and this is where I am at at the moment with it. I will water color this or perhaps use my gel pens and then paint one of my mermaids on vellum and place her on top. I might even make a few cards using this design too. I'm thinking of printing off some when I'm finished and taking them to the library. Just sit them on the counter so folks can take one. I LOVE my library.

So that's what I've been working on here lately. What have YOU been working on? Share people...share!!!

Until next time..........HUGS,

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  1. I've been sewing scary little dolls! Weee! And let me say I LOVE SANTA!!! And I adore those earrings. You keep musing, my friend - you are on a roll. xox!